The only downside that I can think of, to handing over a playlist to a guest editor for the week, is that we then have an extra week’s worth of tunes to catch up on when we come to doing the next playlist ourselves. It’s barely a hardship though when there are so many new releases rolling our way every few days! If anything, the hardship is whittling it down into something the right size.

The HEALTH guest playlist is archived on our Spotify account, and we’ve cleared the path to a new week’s worth of songs. So without further ado… dive in.

If you want to search out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Saudade – Lions (Sargent House)

envy – Dawn and Gaze (Pelagic)

Fool’s Ghost – Touch (Prosthetic Records)

Sylvaine – No More Solitude (Prophecy Productions)

Uniform – Awakening (Sacred Bones)

Bestial Mouths – Within (Rune & Ruin)

Intronaut – Pangloss (Metal Blade)

Telepathy – Pariah (Svart)

WuW – Assiége Par Les Cris Du Sursis (Prosthetic Records)

Obsidian Tongue – Poison Green Dream (Bindrune Recordings)

Panopticon – Rune’s Heart (Bindrune Recordings)