May 8, 2020

While the world is slowly trying to find its bearings in a new and amorphous normal, there’s plenty of inspiring music to keep us sane, and offering guidance at the same time. Hope this week’s playlist will help to keep your chin up, and offering plenty of love and strength to get through all this…

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

The Bloody MallardNoble Rot (Onslaught Music)

ProtomartyrWorm In Heaven (Dominio Recording)

Obey CobraSunflowers (Self-Release)

Disheveled CussOh My God (Sargent House)

Wailin’ StormsGrass (Gilead Media)

Executioner’s MaskNo Funeral (Profound Lore)

Greet DeathYou’re Gonna Hate What You’ve Done (Deathwish Inc)

AbramsPoison Bullets (Atypeek Music)

Rebel WizardNot Rain but the Wizard Tears (Prosthetic Records)

An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenPaths (Prosthetic Records)

Infant IslandBurrow (Self Release)

Radar Men from the MoonSelf (Fuzz Club Records)

AutoteliaFirst Flight (Rocket Recordings)

Polmo PolpoDreaming… Again (2020) (Constellation)

DeradoorianMonk’s Robes (Anti)

“D” and the Sugar Cane FactoryFade Sun, Fade (Numero Group)