November 8, 2019

The overwhelm of the last few weeks of releases is starting to die down and we’re getting stuck in to some of the new albums that have been unleashed on the world. Before our thoughts turn to 2020, we’re revelling in all this amazing new music. Topping our “must listen” list is the long awaited Sea of Worry from Have A Nice Life, a personal highlight of Roadburn 2019.

If you’d like to track down these songs elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Have A Nice LifeTrespassers W (The Flenser)

Lightning BoldHüsker Dön’t (Thrill Jockey)

Oiseaux-TempêteHe Is Afraid and so Am I (Self-Release)

LankumThe Young People (Rough Trade)

Thy CatafalqueSzélvéz (Season of Mist)

Hangman’s ChairLost Brothel (Spinefarm)

Gaahls WYRDCarving the Voices (Season of Mist)

Blut Aus NordHaallucinählia (Eitrin Editions)

TeitanbloodBlack Vertebrae (NoEvDiA)

Lord MantisQliphotic Alpha (Profound Lore)

CranialFaint Voice (Moment of Collapse Records)

BambaraSerafina (Wharf Cat Records)

AlgiersDispossession (Matador Records)

Moor MotherAfter Images (Don Giovanni Records)

Clipping.Blood of the Fang (Sub Pop Records)

Ben Vince, Bianca ScoutMark of the Spirit (33 33)

Fire! OrchestraBlue Crystal Fire (Runne Grammofon)

MamifferTo Be Seen (Sige Records)