February 1, 2019

Things are certainly frosty ’round these parts this week, and this week’s playlist has been keeping us warm as we work hard behind the scenes on bringing you an extra special edition of Roadburn Festival. Every now and again, our thoughts are even turning to Roadburn 2020… there’s truly no rest for the wicked!

Once again, inspiration comes from both brand new releases and from dipping our toe in the musical waters of the last year or two. There is always new treasure to be uncovered – you’ve just gotta have your ear out for it. This week’s playlist is pretty short, but super sweet — enjoy!

-Becky Laverty

As ever, here’s the details, if you want to seek the tracks out elsewhere:

Brutus – War (Sargent House/Hassle Records)

Holy Fawn – Dark Stone (Whelmed)

Vanum – Under The Banner of Death (Profound Lore)

Super Unison – Parts Unknown (Deathwish Inc)

Ragana – The Void (An Out)

Yerusalem – Babel (Eitrin Editions)

Al Lover – California Yuga (Stolen Body Records)

Die Wilde Jagd – 2000 Elefanten (Bureau B)

Ancestors – Into The Fall (Pelagic)

Modern Heaven – Swimming Pool (Burning Rose)

Rome – One Lion’s Roar (Trisol Music Group)