January 11, 2019

Following on from the playlist curated by Imperial Triumphant, we have put together some of the tracks we’ve been listening to over the past few weeks. Consider this an extended player due to the high volume of new music we’ve been checking out and catching up with. 2019 is already shaping up to be a great year for new music as At The Gates and Rob Miller are showing.

As ever, if you would like to seek out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need…

At The Gates ft. Rob MillerThe Mirror Black (Century Media)

Bonnacons of DoomSolus (Rocket Recordings)

Toydrum, Alex MaasHow Do You Know (Bold Model)

Kill Shelter ft. Antipole & Delphine ComaIn Decay (Self-Release)

Twin TribesDark Crystal (Self-Release)

SpelllingHaunted Water (Sacred Bones)

LomaDark Oscillations (Sub Pop)

Lucy DacusNight Shift (Matador Records)

Sonic JesusNoah (Tiziano Veronese)

Melody FieldsRain Man (Sound Effect Records)

Amgala TempleMoon Palace (Pekula Records)

Barst#1 Point B (Consouling Sounds)

Lana Del RabiesRepose (Deathbomb Arc)

Ştiu Nu ŞtiuSibirien (Widsith Records)

Unholy TwoRabid Wolverine (12XU)

SummoningCarcharoth (Napalm Records)

Chapel Of DiseaseOblivious / Obnoxious / Defiant (Ván Records)

Whoredom RifeCeremonial Incantation (643145 Records DK)