May 15, 2020

Lose yourself in this week’s massive playlist as it will transport you to another world – a sacred place where it’s safe and sound. A moment of tranquility, or a time to simply rock out; like the real world that we love and cherish so much. Please don’t despair, we’ll be getting there albeit slowly, and not without hurdles, but this is the soundtrack to keep track of better things to come.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Mrs. PissKnelt (Sargent House)

Hilary WoodsThe Mouth (Sacred Bones)

Steve Von TillDreams of Trees (Neurot Recordings)

Triptykon (Official) & Metropole OrkestWinter – Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale
(Prowling Death Records / Century Media)

Lucid DreamsHallucinogenics (The Stone Tapes)

I Break HorsesDeath Engine (Bella Union)

KaSolitude of Enoch (Iron Works Records)

BackxwashBlack Magic (Self Release)

Masterpiece MachineLetting You in on a Secret (Tripple B Records)

Fire-ToolzIt’s Now safe to Turn Off Your Computer (Self Release)

Mong TongChakra (GuruGuru Brain)

Sex SwingGarden of Eden / 2000 AD (Rocket Recordings)

Tan CologneStrange God

Carver BarondaIf Nothing Else Comes Along (Labrador)

Inter ArmaSouthern Man (Relapse Records)

SplinterTake No More (Self Release)

Mrs. PissDowner Surrounded by Uppers (Sargent House)

Maggot HeartMercy Machine (Rapid Eye)

The Ballet BombsOh, Girl! (Self Release)

HorisontRunaway (Century Media)