January 18, 2019

The beauty of being a true music fan is that the journey of discovery never ends. There’s always new music coming out, and there’s an endless pool of existing music to dip back into whenever the mood takes. I confess that this playlist has a few tracks that are a couple of years old, squeezed in amongst the new releases; maybe I’m late to the party, but maybe they’ll also be new discoveries for you too.

The playlist kicks off with Aprilmen – the new(ish) project of Gareth Averill and Alan Averill, the latter of whom is probably best known to Roadburners as the vocalist for Primordial (or Dread Sovereign). Of course Averill’s distinctive voice is still present but the music veers in a different direction. If you like what you hear, check out their U2 cover released a couple of weeks ago.

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For now, please enjoy my lucky 13 picks…

-Becky Laverty

Aprilmen – Heavy Hearts (Self Release)

Light Asylum – Dark Allies (Mexican Summer)

Grivo – H.D.C (Holodeck Records)

Miserable – Cheap Ring (Sargent House)

Elizabeth Colour Wheel – 23 (The Flenser)

Oozing Wound – Tween Shitbag (Thrill Jockey)

Antre – Tyrant (Withered Hand)

Cruelty – Disgraced (Self Release)

The Love Coffin – Sense of Indifference (Bad Afro)

Hippy Johnny – You Can’t Run Forever (blueeyedboy records)

Roll The Dice – Elevate (The New Black)

Hante. – À Contrecoeur (Synth Religion)

Miracle – The Parsifal Gate (Relapse)