April 19, 2019

Does anyone else feel like the last few days have been passed in a post-Roadburn daze? Nonetheless, new music waits for no-one and here we are with yet another Essential Sounds playlist. Perhaps it will help ease you back into the real world, no promises though…

If you’d like to seek out the Roadburn playlist tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need…

SRSQ – The Martyr (Dais Records)

Drab Majesty – Ellipsis (Dais Records)

Spotlights – The Particle Noise (Ipecac Records)

Cave In – All Illusion (HydraHead Industries)

Molasses – Drops of Sunlight (Ván Records)

Spirit Adrift – Angel & Abyss (20 Buck Spin)

Sólveig Matthildur – Constantly In Love (Artoffact Records)

Soft Kill, Choir Boy – Saint (Cercel Social Records)

All Your Sisters – Self-Medicating (The Flenser)

Inter Arma – The Atavists’s Meridian (Relapse)

Cave In photo courtesy of Visual Violence.