November 20, 2020

Let this week’s lengthy (and wildly diverse) playlist be the antidote to the crushing isolation and ongoing insanity!

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Black NarcissusIn a Forest of Nothingness I found Myself (Self-Release)

JesuSleeping In (Avalanche Recordings)

Soft KillOil Burner (Cercle Social Recordings)

Peel Dream MagazineEmotional Devotion Creator (Tough Love)

Tan CologneHeretic Porcelain (Labrador)

Mustard Gas and RosesCop Shoot Cop (Pax Aeternum)

Sturle DagslandHarajuku (Self-Release)

HekátēCrisis (La Vida En Un Mus Discos)

Lebanon HangoverDigital Ocean (Fabrika Records)

Hey ColossusStylites In Reverse (Wrong Speed Records)

Gunn – Truscinski DuoFor Eddie Hazel (Self-Release)

Causa SuiMerging Waters (El Paraiso)

Onségen EnsembleFear (Self Release)

Craven FaultsDoubler Stones (The Leaf Records)

Pauline Anna StromMarking Time (RVNG Intl)

Scott MoveInterlude Request (Omen Logic)

Coarse, Street SectsUntitled (Only Death Remix) (Self-Release)

Reverorum ib MalachtTill försvar för det personliga vittnesbördet (Rubeus Obex)

ThroaneUne balle dans le pied (Eitrin Editions)

AkhlysEphialtes (Eitrin Editions)

Arrogant DestruktorScarred Ashen Planet (Self-Release)

DaufødtSammen er vi Daufødt (Fysisk Format)