For our last playlist of the year (even dedicated workers like us need a bit of time off!) we asked one of our curators, Emma Ruth Rundle, if she would put together a playlist for us. In her words, it’s “sort of all over the place”, but isn’t that the beauty of music discovery? It’s rarely linear.

So, without further ado, we’ll head straight to the playlist, and we’ll see you next year for more announcements, more playlists and of course, Roadburn 2020.

Becky Laverty.

If you’d like to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s what you’ll need to know…

Wovenhand – Blue Pail Fever (Glitterhouse Records)

Shape Of Despair – Monotony Fields (Season Of Mist)

Thou – The Hammer (Robotic Empire)

Hossein Alizadeh – Laments in Joy (Saz O Avaz) (Bä Music)

Gillian Welch – I Dream A Highway (Acony Records)

Chelsea Wolfe – Be All Things (Sargent House)

FACS – Skylarking (Trouble In Mind)

Ioanna Gika – Swan (Sargent House)

SRSQ – Temporal Love (Dais)

Helms Alee – Beat Up (Sargent House)

Mizmor – Cairn to Suicide (Gilead Media)

Inter Arma – Howling Lands (Relapse Records)

HIDE – Hell (Dais)