February 21, 2020

With only two months to go until Roadburn, we’re working hard on the schedules and production is well under way now. However we still have time to uncover new music – here’s what we’ve been listening to this week.

If you want to search out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Human ImpactNovember (Ipecac Recordings)

BibThe Fool (Pop Wig Records)

Blind SeagullFilth (Self Release)

Phase FataleBinding By Oath (Ostgut Ton)

Insect Ark Tectonic (Profound Lore)

Fool’s GhostIn Between (Prosthetic Records)

Billie EilishNo Time To Die (Darkroom / Interscope)

Sarah Mary ChadwickWhen Will Dead Come (Sinderlyn)

WardrunaGrá (Columbia / Sony)

JG Thirlwell, Simon SteenslandHeron (Ipecac Recordings)

SUSS Ursa Major (Northern Spy)

Sunburned Hand Of The ManAgitation Circle (Self-Release)

Tombstones In Their EyesMaybe Someday (Somewherecold Records)

FilmmakerThe Love Market (Self-Release)

Jehnny BethFlower (20L07 Music)

Bruxa MariaLove and Riots (Hominid Sounds)

Sun WorshipSoul Harvester (Self-Rlease)

Blaze of PerditionTransmutation of Sins (Metal Blade)

Bütcher666 Goats Cary My Chariot (Osmose Productions)

LoviatarCave In (Prosethic Records)

Saturnalia TempleGravity (Listenable Records)

Cirith UngolLegions Arise (Metal Blade)

My Dying Bride Tired of Tears (Nuclear Blast)