June 21, 2019

Walter has gone on holiday and it’s my birthday this weekend, so to my mind, that gives me free rein to do whatever I please with this week’s playlist. So I picked some of my favourite songs by artists that have played Roadburn previously. And then I finished it off with Nancy Sinatra – who has most definitely not played Roadburn, but it’s my birthday so I can do what I want – right?

Not all of these songs have been performed on a Roadburn stage, but the artist has been a guest of ours in Tilburg. Lots of these tracks have a personal meaning to me – which I won’t bore you with now! But nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the playlist – and normal service will resume next week!


If you’d like to seek out any of these songs elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Marriages – Love, Texas (Sargent House)

Ulver – Eos (Jester)

SubRosa – Troubled Cells (Profound Lore)

Cult of Luna – Finland (Earache Records)

Daughters – Guest House (Ipecac)

Lingua Ignota – BUTCHER OF THE WORLD (Profound Lore)

Chelsea Wolfe – The Mother Road (Sargent House)

Darkher – Moths (Prophecy Productions)

Warning – Footprints (Svart/Cappio)

Emma Ruth Rundle – Protection (Sargent House)

King Woman – Hierophant (Relapse Records)

Pallbearer – Love You To Death (Profound Lore)

True Widow – FOUR TEETH (Relapse Records)

Helms Alee – Pleasure Centre (Sargent House)

Zola Jesus – Soak (Sacred Bones)

GOLD – Teenage Lust (Ván Records)

Cave In – Paranormal (Hydra Head)

Napalm Death – Morale (Century Media)

Indian – Rhetoric of No (Relapse)

The Atlas Moth – Coma Noir (Prosthetic Records)

Zombi – Earthly Powers (Relapse Records)

Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town (Boots Enterprises)