August 21, 2020

The best ideas are spontaneous ones, surely… the ones that come from a spark of inspiration and a sense of collaboration. Somewhere, way back when (it feels like a lifetime ago), we invited Thou to be our 2019 Artists In Residence, and they proposed a collaborative set with firm festival favourite, Emma Ruth Rundle.

We were thrilled at the thought of Emma lending her vocals to some Thou songs, or perhaps Thou adding the weight of their sound to Emma’s music, but what they magicked up – behind the scenes and both before and after the festival was something even more monumental than that. A true collaboration, a spiritual, creative and communal meeting of minds spawned a collection of original material which is now on its way to being ushered out into the world.

It’s been a labour of love, no doubt, and it’s feels like it’s been a long time coming, but Thou and Emma’s collaborative album ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’ is due for release this October. The first track is streaming now, giving a glimpse into the fuzzed out, sludged out majesty of the rest of the album; it seemed only fitting that we kick off this week’s playlist with that track – “Ancestral Recall. I’ve ordered my copy already – and if you want to do so too, click HERE.

As ever, the rest of the playlist is a collection of songs that have piqued our interest, stoked our creativity and kept us sane over the last seven days. Perhaps you’ll discover something new or reconnect with an old favourite. Either way, dive in…

Becky Laverty.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Emma Ruth Rundle & ThouAncestral Recall (Sacred Bones)

SvalbardListen To Someone (Holy Roar)

The OceanOligocene (Metal Blade)

ConvocationThe Abscence of Grief (Self-Release)

AudnEldborg (Season of Mist)

Vous AutresOnde (Season of Mist)

MolassessDeath Is (Season of Mist)

Kairon; IRSE!White Flies (Svart Records)

LucidvoxKnife (Glitterbeat Records)

Ho99o9, Mike IXFirefly Family (Toys Have Powers)

UniformDispatches from the Gutter (Sacred Bones Records)

ServoI (Fuzz Club Records)

Restive PlaggonaServed Cold (Several Minor Promises)

R. ElizabethBack from Ten (Night School)

Deaf Kids, RaktaMiragemAo vivo (Selo Sesc)

J Zunz33:33 (Rocket Recordings)

Les MarquisesLa Battue (Les Disques Normal)

TempersThe Use Of My Belonging (Dais Records)

Sky CivilianFloating In A Dream (Atomnation)

Pye Corner AudioSelf Synchronise (Lapsus Records)