May 22, 2020

Maybe you’re already sick of talk about ‘the new normal’, and maybe you’d really rather just go back to how things were before. It’s true that there’s no real replacement for the electricity of a live show, but if anything was going to come close, surely it’s gotta be that Oranssi Pazuzu show last weekend?!

So, there are still moments of joy to be found, even if they’re not quite the moments of joy we’ve been used to for so many years. And many, many bands are continuing to release music which promise more moments of joy going into the future too. Some bands have ploughed ahead with already planned releases and some have rummaged around in the B-sides drawer to magick up some long forgotten gems, or they’ve hastily recorded a new demo – all to conjure up additional moments of joy.

There’s plenty to be found if you go looking, which is exactly what we did! I was tempted – in the spirit of the B-sides/cover versions resurgence – to throwback to 2002 and put Paradise Lost‘s cover of Small Town Boy in here… but maybe we’ll save that for another week.

Until then… dive in!

Perfume Genius Your Body Changes Everything (Matador)

A.A. WilliamsMelt (Bella Union)

MidwifeC.R.F.W. (The Flenser)

Jaye JayleGuntime (Sargent House)

GarganjuaThe Fallen Pt.1 (Holy Roar)

Paradise LostGhosts (Nuclear Blast)

Old Man GloomWrath of the Weary (Profound Lore)

SlumpDesire Death Drifter (Self Release)

ZombiBreakthrough & Conquer (Relapse Records)

Drab MajestyNo Rain (Dais Records)

Carpenter Brut, Yann LingerManiac (No Quater Prod)