March 22, 2019

While we’re working really hard behind the scenes on the upcoming festival, and attending the inaugural edition of the World Metal Congress as well, it’s time for another weekly playlist that keeps us going. This week we are reintroducing some of the Roadburn 2019 bands that may have flown under your radar.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Uran GBGVoice of Uran (Self-Release)

GlerAkurAugun Opin (Prophecy Productions)

TerritoireExil (Humo)

MJ GuiderTripple Black (Kranky)

Gösta Berlings SagaSquare 5 (InsideOut Music)

Lucy In BlueMatricide (Karisma Records)

Mythic SunshipWay Ahead (El Paraiso Records)

SherpaAbscent of the Mother of Language (Sulatron Records)

Stuck in MotionAre You Ready To Fly? (Self-Release)

Crypt TripWordshot (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Henrik PalmMissoula (Fetish Records)

Grey AuraDe Drenkeling (Tartarus Records)

NusquamaVuurslag (Eisenwald)

Witte WievenMet Beide Benen In Het Niets (Self-Release)

Mord’A’StigmataHope (Pagan Records)

WrongPustule (Relapse Records)

Secret CutterBended Knee (Holy Roar Records)

Great GriefTroubled Canvas (No Sleep Records)

NoisepickerSo You’re Sick (Exile On Mainstream)

RaktaFilhas Do Fogo (Iron Lung Records)

DeafkidsMente Bicameral (Neurot Recordings)

PetbrickHeaven’s Gate (Closed Casket Activities)