October 23, 2020

This week’s lengthy and experimental playlist is all about the healing power of music. Self-healing and self-care through music. Be resilient through whatever you’ve got going on in addition to the state of the world, and let these songs and artists inspire you to bounce back, dare to dream, and unleash your inner strength.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Storefront ChurchThe Gift (Sargent House)

Blunt RazorsAmber Waves (Deathwish Inc)

BleakHeartDream Griever (Sailor Records)

SalemRed River (Self-Released)

White Hills & Simone Marie ButlerHonesty (Self-Released)

DeafheavenDaedalusLive (Sargent House)

Ett Dödens MaskineriLåsta dörrar (Suicide Records)

IskandrGelderse Poort (Eisenwald)

LiturgyLonely OIOIOI (YLYLCYN)

GoldmundDay In Day Out (Western Vinyl)

Shilpa RayHetronormative Horseshit Blues (Self-Released)

Mr. GnomeTime (El Marko Records)

Marie Davidson, L’ Œil NuBack To Rock (Ninja Tune)

Iterum NataThee (Secret Trees)

Yin YinChông Ky (Bongo Joe)

Coşkun KarademirKara Tren Gelmez M’ola (CK Music Production)

Black Market BrassOmega (Colemine Records)

Surprise ChefNew Ferrari (Mr Bongo)

Litte Barry, Malcolm CattoRest In Blue

ArbouretumLet It All In (Madlib Invazion)