January 24, 2020

Every week that there’s new music for us to devour is a good week. But there’s an extra jolt of excitement when we get to hear new music from artists on the Roadburn line up. This week’s playlist includes just that – with Dool, Hilary Woods, Of Blood and Mercury, Midwife, Jonah Parzen-Johnson and FACS all putting new music out into the world recently.

If you want to seek out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Of Blood and MercuryStrangers (Consouling Sounds)

DoolSulphur & Starlight (Prophecy Productions)

EhlderÄndlös – (Nordvis)

Alcest, Ben ChisholmProtection (Nuclear Blast)

EnvyA Faint New World (Pelagic Records)

The Dead CvltAll Hope Is Lost (PRSPCT Recordings)

De AmbassadeZo Hoog Als De Bogen (Knekelhuis)

FACSTeenage Hive (Trouble In Mind Records)

MidwifeAnyone Can Play Guitar (The Flenser)

Hilary WoodsTongues of Wild Boar (Sacred Bones Records)

LankumKatie Cruel (Rough Trade Records)

Jonah Parzen-JohnsonStand Still (We Jazz)

Golden IvyKläppen II (Malmö Inre)

The MenChilderen All Over The World (Sacred Bones Records)

SQÜRLRobby’s Theme (Sacred Bones Records)

Gentle StrangerObvious As Snow (PRAH Recordings)

Mythic SunshipWay Ahead (El Paraiso)

SplinterBitter Sounds (Self Release)