January 25, 2019

At Roadburn we have been long time admirers of Maarten Donders; the Dutch-born, Paris-dwelling visual artist encapsulates so much of what Roadburn is all about. It’s been an honour and a pleasure to have him be officially part of Team Roadburn and to have him design the poster artwork for Roadburn 2019.

If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance that you’ve clocked his work already – most obviously on our own festival artwork, but he was also one of the exhibitors at last year’s Full Bleed exhibition, and his artwork is woven throughout the Roadburn world and its surroundings.

We’re delighted to hand over the reigns of our weekly playlist to Maarten, who has thoughtfully put together a track by track guide for our perusal.

If you scroll a little further down the page you can view some of Maarten‘s progress sketches that eventually ended up as the beautiful poster designs that we’re proud to be using for the festival this year.

As ever, dig in… and enjoy.

Maarten says:

Keeping with the Roadburn spirit I wanted to make a selection of the imaginative new sounds and worlds that are captivating me at this moment. If I was to make a list of my all-time favorite songs I would probably be going through too many old psych and country records, never finish… and die.

SenyawaTanggalkan Di Dunia (Undo The World) This Indonesian duo even makes their own instruments from bamboo and wood. This is power through sound; A strong reminder of going back to our roots; to be humbled and bow to the earth we came from.

Alvarius B – Natural Wonder New music from Alan Bishop from Sun City Girls, what else do I need to say? This song is a perfect display of his earthy sound and mindbending lyrics that paint lysergic pictures.

Vanhelgd – Profaned is the Blood of the Covenant – This band has a ritualistic sound, and moves between black, death and doom metal with ease. Expect dark, melodic and intense. They have a captivating and storytelling sense of songwriting, and this album has been spinning a lot during drawing sessions.

Lorn – OUT OF THE FRAME The John Carpenter school of dark electronics is certainly very awesome, but I think the darker world of electronic music has yet to be really explored. Lorn uses low rumbling bass and otherworldy beats that will tickle your imagination.

Black Salvation – In a Casket’s Ride These guys have a dark and driving psych rock sound and the songs they craft are like small trips to get lost in; each has something that keeps you hanging on for the ride. I guess somewhere between Joy Division, The Stooges and a bad trip

Obliteration – Detestation Rite Obliteration’s new album soared to the top of my list last year, tied for favourite album last year alongside Anna von Hausswolff’s. Classic but psychedelic swirling deathmetal sound, aggressive and organic riffs, doomy pummeling bass sounds, but most of all an invincible forward energy.

Pharaoh Overlord – Meanwhile I’ve always been a fan of the Finnish collective around the groups Circle, Pharaoh Overlord and their numerous side-projects. They are not afraid to try anything, and this new song from PO is a fine example of the weirdness.

Sherpa – Abscent to the Mother of Language Powerful dreamy psych/prog debut that has been spinning a lot during drawing sessions since Walter turned me onto it. I love the sounds of the fretless(?) bass gliding along and setting the mood.

Rakta – Rodeados Pela Beleza One of my favorite recent shows was from this group from Brazil. Dark, driving and just plain out wild, intoxicating and invigorating! Definitely check them out at Roadburn

Slowgold – Väntar Although she made a great new album last year, this album here is just such a personal favorite which I’ve played a ridiculous amount of times. She has a very beautiful and unique voice and musically very dreamy with both modern and 60s/70s qualities (the cover hints obviously at Judee Sill). I don’t really understand what she sings about, but I think I do.

Jess Williamson – Thunder Song Her last album Cosmic Wink has a very dreamy and melancholic glaze, reminiscent of Cat Power or Mazzy Star. It has been spinning a lot in the summer and I’m curious to see where she will take this sound further.

Richie Dagger – Uncivilised Love From my hometown (and city of Roadburn) Tilburg, this band has been crafting their own sound slowly but surely, and the third album sees them darker than before with a pummeling bass sound, atonal riffs and an overall bleak but catchy dark rock aesthetic that’s a perfect catalyst for commuting on a shitty day.

Innumerable Forms – Re-Contaminated Just proves how well death and doom go together. I just keep coming back for this album because It sounds SO good and filthy, it makes your skin rot and your blood turn into goo

Sepulcher – Corrupting the Cosmos Just makes you wanna clench your fists and ride head-first into the void of your mind’s eye, so to speak!

Glenn Jones – Everything Ends One of the few keeping the Primitivism school of John Fahey alive with tremendous respect. His compositions and music are so soothing and rich (and great for late night drawing sessions!)