June 28, 2019

Lingua Ignota performed two of the most talked about sets at Roadburn 2019, and is now gearing up to release what is sure to be one of the most impactful albums of the year – CALIGULA. There’s a few more weeks to wait until that’s unleashed on us all, but for now we have a small blessing in the form of the latest single which kicks off this week’s playlist.

Another much talked about performance at Roadburn was of course Heilung whose long awaited album Futha is out now! Sandwiched between these two artists is a clutch of the weird and wonderful that’s been streaming into our ears for the past week or so.

There’s often a lull in album releases over the summer as attention turns to summer festivals… but there’s already been such a wealth of new music released this year, it will give us a chance to backtrack and pick up on anything we missed already. If there’s a band you really think we should be listening to, you can tweet us and let us know.

Til next time, enjoy this week’s Essential Sounds

If you want to seek out these tracks elsewhere here’s the info you need:

Lingua Ignota – DO YOU DOUBT ME TRAITOR (Sargent House)

Mvgre – Æuphoria (Self Release)

HIDE – Girl on Girl (Sub Pop)

Idle Hands – Nightfall (Eisenwald)

Alameda 5 – Tubarao (Instant Classic)

Vanderschrick – Ochtendgris (Stroom)

Pyrit – Control, Pt 2 (Kick The Flame)

Vonnis – Bikini Season (Hypertension)

Victims – The Horse and Sparrow Theory (Relapse Records)

Heilung – Norupo (Season of Mist)