August 7, 2020

Today is another day when Bandcamp are waiving their fees to support labels and artists during the pandemic. There are many artists that will welcome the extra support if you can spare the money to buy their music today.

Our playlist today is – as ever – a collection of songs that have inspired, motivated and otherwise kept us going over the past week or so. Maybe today they’ll give you a spark to support artists on Bandcamp, but if not, there’s still pleasure to be found with these new tracks! If you find something you love – share it!

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

SólstafirAkkeri (Season of Mist)

BriquevilleAkte XIII (Pelagic Records)

KhemmisDown In A Hole (Magnectic Eye Records)

MotorpsychoThe Same Old Rock (One Must Imagine…) (Stickman Records)

PolymoonHelicaling (Svart Records)

Shaman ElephantH.M.S: Death, Rattle and Roll (Karisma Records)

AdvertismentAlways (Patchwork Fantasy)

L.A. WitchGen-Z (Suicide Squeeze Records)

The Lemon TwigsMoon (4AD)

Osi And The JupiterAppalachia (Eisenwald)

Paul OskaLong Lives Are Lost (Self-Release)

Steve Von Till Wild Iron (Neurot Recordings)

The Ocean GreysFeeling Like New (Self-Release)

Kira McSpiceLoon (Self-Release)

German ArmyZoulou Danse (Crash Symbols)

Dame BonnetPortamento (Höga Nord Records)

Shit And Shine Hillbilly Moonshine (Rocket Recordings)

Jaye JayleI Need You (Sargent House)

HifiklubMedicine Dream (Parallel Factory)