October 31, 2018

Don’t think we underestimate the faith you put in us; we are very conscious that sometimes buying into Roadburn requires a leap of faith. We make those leaps ourselves, for example when we commission artists to compose and perform at the festival – often the first we know of how something will turn out is when we’re stood right next to you, watching it unfold on stage.

Last week we announced an artist who has certainly flown under the radar of all but the very keenest of ears. If you’d searched for her on Spotify you’d draw a blank, try to buy her records and you’ll come up empty handed. So new is the music of A.A.Williams that there was simply nothing for you to hear… well, until now.

The track, Control, is taken from A.A.Williams‘ upcoming, self titled EP which will be released in January via Holy Roar Records. We’ve heard the whole thing, which is why we know that if you take this particular leap of faith, you’ll be richly rewarded.

The accompanying video (see below!) was created by Leo Taylor and blends nature and movement footage, incorporating a striking colour palette and layered textures to form hypnotic images. The track itself is dripping with melancholy, pooling in a deep well of haunting melodies and expansiveness.

A.A.Williams comments:

“The video for Control was designed to offer a visual accompaniment to the track rather than a distraction.
Colours and shots slowly shift to accentuate different elements of the song, the video lending itself to being interpreted differently by each viewer.”

If you’re ready to dive right in, we strongly recommend pre-ordering the record, otherwise, we’ll see you at the Hall of Fame on April 12 to witness A.A.Williams live.

Follow A.A.Williams on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Check out the current Roadburn: Essential Sounds playlist curated by Holy Roar’s Alex Fitzpatrickhere.

A.A.Williams – A.A.Williams EP will be released on January 25, 2019.

-Becky Laverty