February 14, 2019

In keeping with tradition, we couldn’t hold back announcing one more very exciting Icelandic band for Roadburn 2019.

It’s not a secret that we’re partial to the burgeoning Icelandic underground, and as part of our ongoing presentation of the the thriving Icelandic music scene, we’re stoked to welcome Grief Grief to Roadburn 2019 – not once, but twice! As Great Grief is so good, we’re bringing them over for their debut shows on the European mainland, playing Roadburn’s Ignition on Wednesday, April 10 and the main festival a day later, ThursdayApril 11.

Witnessing one of Iceland’s hardest working bands at 2018’s Norðanpaunk left us gasping for air; it was not only one of the wildest, and most moving shows we saw in Iceland last year, the band’s true hardcore aesthetics floored us as well. Channeling anger and angst, Great Grief doesn’t shy away from mental health issues (think depression and severe anxiety) nor boosting self love, or questioning growing up in an isolated country.

As Great Grief doesn’t hold back, whether it’s addressing anger, fear, and aggression, or showcasing a primal urgency, the band will certainly set the scene at Roadburn 2019. As Great Grief will become your next favorite band. If you are looking forward to seeing Daughters, Cave In and Old Man Gloom, make sure that you’ll catch Great Grief as well – they’ll be right up your street!

“If you would have told us six years ago, that we’d be bringing our flavour of hardcore to Roadburn for two nights, we wouldn’t believe you. This festival has for the past few years been but a distant fever dream for us, so to have this opportunity as our first time performing in mainland Europe, is absolutely surreal.

We plan on playing two separate sets, consisting of material from our past releases as well as songs from our new LP “Love, Lust and Greed” that came out in December through No Sleep Records.

We look forward to spreading our chaotic love to the people Tilburg” – Finnbogi Örn Einarsson, vocalist of Great Grief.