Each year at Roadburn, Roadburn Records releases exclusive ‘Live at Roadburn’ records and this year’s offerings don’t disappoint.

Heading towards your turntable this year is:

Fu Manchu Live At Roadburn 2003  (500 copies)

The Body / Thou – Everyday, Things Get Worse Live At Roadburn 2018 (500 copies)

First up is Fu Manchu’s blistering set from Roadburn 2003. Warmed up by the likes of Dutch psychonauts 35007 and Astrosoniq and Bill Steer‘s blues rock power trio Firebird, Fu Manchu cruised through classics like Hell On Wheels, Boogie Van and King Of The Road.

Scott Hill from Fu Manchu comments:

“Playing Roadburn back in 2003 was a blast! It was a year before we put out our “Start The Machine” release and we played a couple of songs from it live for the first time on that tour. One of the songs that’s on this live record, “I Wanna Be,” is a different arrangement than what ended up on the final studio release. We’re stoked that the show was recorded and that people will get to hear it. Always a good time playing at Roadburn!”

The album will be a one time pressing of 500 on blue vinyl. Later this year, the band will release the set worldwide on their own At The Dojo label later in the year. The album is available to pre-order online now – but will be available first at Roadburn 2019.

Line up:

Scott Hill – vocals guitar
Bob Balch – Lead guitar / backing vocals
Brad Davis – Bass – Backing vocals
Scott Reeder – Drums / Backing Vocals

Track List:

1. Squash That Fly
2. Hell On Wheels
3. Eatin’ Dust
4. Laserbl’ast!
5. I Wanna Be
6. Boogie Van
7. King Of The Road
8. Written In Stone
9. Saturn III

Artwork and layout by Ernie Parada / Hellgate Industries
Live sound by Brian ‘Curly’ Engel
Mastered by Carl Saff

Under the title Everyday, Things Are Getting Worse the special collaborative set the bands played at the Koepelhal at Roadburn 2018 will be released at Roadburn 2019.

Jacon Bannon from Converge introduced this collaboration in these words for his curated day:

“Since their inception I’ve been following Thou. Their restlessness and drive for experimentation has been inspiring to follow. The same goes for The Body. They’ve been such an incredible band to watch evolve from release to release. When they joined together on their Released From Love and You Whom I Have Always Hated collaborations I was floored. Together, they amplify the best parts of each band’s individual output. Making some of the heaviest and most intense music of the last few years. This collaboration is a must listen and perfect fit for Roadburn Festival

The Body and Thou are bands  that have been pushing the boundaries of metal music for over a decade. Both have maintained relentless touring schedules, a dedication to DIY ethics & aesthetics, and a complete commitment to push their respective brands of extreme music into previously unexplored territories like no other bands in the genre.

Pressing info: 500 copies on white and red vinyl

Track list:

1. He Returns To The Place Of His Inequity
2. Her Strongholds Unvanquishable
3. Beyond The Realms Of Dream, That Fleeting Shade Under The Circus Of Vanity
4. Diaphonous Shift
5. Well Fed Fuck
6. Skinwalker
7. A Prayer To God
8. The Devils Of Trust Steal The Should Of The Free
9. In Meeting Hearts Beat Closer
10.I Apologize

Mix: Marcel van de Vondervoort
Mastering: James Plotkin