March 9, 2019

At last – the day schedules are here! Highlighter pens at the ready…

There’s a few things to draw your eye to when you’re planning your Roadburn stay this year:

You will be able to collect your wristband on Wednesday evening (and then head to Ignition the Roadburn pre-party if you want to join us!) – if you’re in the area, we strongly advise you do this to reduce the liklihood of queues on Thursday afternoon.

Note the start times on Thursday and Sunday in particular. We know many people don’t arrive until the Thursday, so please allow plenty of time to collect your wristband and get your bearings! On Sunday we kick off a little earlier – but who wouldn’t want a Sunday sermon with Have A Nice Life?!

Note the start time for Tom Warrior‘s / Triptykon‘s Requiem too – it will be early in the day to allow for the full production requirements to be met. We know this is going to be a spectacular event – one for the history books – so it’s worth moving things around for!

You may notice that one of Thou‘s sets does not appear on the schedule. The ‘covers’ set will take place on Saturday at a to-be-announced location; keep your eyes peeled on the day and all will be revealed.