February 13, 2020

All tickets to Roadburn 2020 are now sold out except for Sunday day tickets. Sunday day tickets are priced at €60.50. More information about tickets and accommodation options can be found HERE.


Saving the best ‘til last is not always a deliberate thing; we had to be patient with this one, waiting for the stars to align just so. However, here we are – one of the last announcements of our 2020 line up – thrilled to announce the addition of Earth to Emma Ruth Rundle’s The Gilded Cage curated event. If that weren’t enough to get excited about already, they will be performing a special set – celebrating the past three decades of their incredible career.

Dylan Carlson comments: “The last time Earth played Roadburn was 2011, so it’s a real pleasure to be welcomed back at this year’s edition – thanks to Emma for asking us. We are celebrating 30 years of Earth with a special performance, featuring Steve Moore and William Herzog along with current members, as well as a set spanning the career of the band.”

Read more about Earth HERE.


Dylan Carlson’s solo work – including that under the Drcarlsonalbion moniker – is a departure from his output with Earth, and yet it retains a distinctive minimalist quality easily identifiable to fans. We’re delighted to announce that as well as performing a huge celebration in honour of thirty years of Earth, Dylan will also be performing a solo set as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s  curated event.

Material from his 2019 album, Conquistador is likely to feature heavily and for the first time ever, Dylan will be joined on stage by Emma Ruth Rundle to perform the material they recorded together for the album. The album’s cover star, Holly Carlson, will also be making an appearance; an accomplished dancer and performer, she will be adding a visual layer to Dylan’s set.

Read more about Dylan Carlson HERE.


A split EP, Time Without End was released last month via Prophecy Productions – and will serve you well as an introduction to Sylvaine’s musical mastery. Use it as a jumping off point to dive into her earlier work, which takes on a slightly darker hue with black metal overtones creeping into the picture.

With lush arrangements and intricate instrumentation, it’s easy to lose yourself in the songs of Sylvaine – and we invite you to do just that when she performs for us in April. Promising a special, stripped back set, we can’t wait to be captivated by what she brings to the Roadburn stage.

Read more about Sylvaine HERE.

Body Void


For a band with so few members (just the two, sometimes three), Body Void make an unholy racket. There’s something frenzied and frenetic thrashing around in this particular sludgey mire – and we like it! So much so that we invited them to bring that spirit crushing, filth infused, crusty doom to Roadburn this April.

Body Void represent all that is great – dark, murky, but definitely still great – about the American underground at the moment. We couldn’t be happier to have them bring some scrapings of that gritty underbelly to Tilburg in a couple of months from now.

Read more about Body Void HERE.

Sólveig Matthildur

Sólveig Matthildur first came to Roadburn as part of captivating Icelandic trio, Kælan Mikla, back in 2018. She also performed a sneaky lil’ solo set that same year, so round these parts we consider her to be part of the family.  Her output isn’t a million miles away from what she does with the band, but she has emblazoned her own mark on what she does alone, making it distinct and alluring in equal measure. When Sólveig invites you on a journey into the shimmering abyss, you must say yes.

Read more about Sólveig Matthildur HERE.


We already announced that Dynfari would be playing The Four Doors of the Mind in full, and whereas that would be the end of a regular announcement, because this band is anything but regular, there is still another surprise in store – another special show from these Icelandic dreamweavers. We are ecstatic to reveal that Dynfari will present their recently announced new album, Myrkurs er þörf, a self-described “return to more DIY, punch and attitude”, on Sunday, April 19.

Read more about Dynfari HERE.

The Ballet Bombs

It is among our favorite traditions at Roadburn HQ to partner with Never Mind The Hype – an independent Dutch music platform for everything heavy, alternative and deviant – in order to bring you one special showcase each year among all the other shows happening. Our mission is to highlight one Dutch band of exceptional potential; someone we believe can go on to do really amazing things.

You want brash, stomping, swaggering, fuzzed-to-the-max heavy rock and roll? Look no further than a couple train stops from Tilburg as we bring aboard the young Eindhoven trio of Rubin “Zwoelboy” van Nistelrooy, Erik “El Cahole” van de Beek, and Frankie Fuzz AKA The Ballet Bombs. These overdriven fanatics don’t have a record out yet, but they’ve got enough attitude songs like Hey, Wait! and the extra-righteous Leave My HeadWith the inimitable energy of young punks, they tap into the spirit of raw rock like Blue Cheer and the glorious of the most riotous garages.

Roadburn Presents alumni include DOOL, Temple Fang, Death Alley, Laster, Verwoed and more. Get ready to welcome The Ballet Bombs to this esteemed company.

Read more about The Ballet Bombs HERE.

For a fourth year running, Full Bleed exhibition will return to RoadburnFull Bleed is an exhibition of screen printed artwork featuring artists and collaborators connected through the community of heavy music. The exhibition will be open every afternoon throughout Roadburn with all participating artists in attendance.

Full Bleed IV artists: 
John Baizley
Richey Beckett
David V. D’Andrea
Douwe Dijkstra
Maarten Donders
Marald van Haasteren
Burlesque of North America

Opening times for Full Bleed are as follows:
Thursday, April 16Saturday, April 18: 13:0019:00
Sunday, April 19: 13:0018:00