For a fourth year running, Full Bleed exhibition will return to Roadburn.

Full Bleed is an exhibition of screen printed artwork featuring artists and collaborators connected through the community of heavy music. The exhibition will be open every afternoon throughout Roadburn with all participating artists in attendance.

Full Bleed IV artists:


John Dyer Baizley is an artist and musician based out of Philadelphia, PA. He is the singer, songwriter, lyricist, musician and visual-artist for Baroness, a band he helped found in Savannah, Georgia in 2003, self-releasing records on his label, Abraxan Hymns. His body of visual work exists across various platforms and media, including paintings, drawings, screen-prints, album covers, and documentaries.

Baizley’s work, often highly symbolic, makes use of borrowed imagery, ideas and concepts from a variety of histories, mythologies and religions in order to express a more unique and personal visual narrative that contains elements both familiar and esoteric.


Look at Richey Becketts mesmerizing pen & ink meditations on both Earthly and other worldly matters. Focus on the lines, the curves, the careful attention to seemingly-minor details (a leaf, a branch, a lick of fur, a lock of hair) and find yourself physically dragged into the world portrayed therein, like walking through the back of that large armoire in Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe.

Beckett draws no influence from urban scenarios, his Welsh roots informing every element of his black ink explorations into myths, legends and fantasy, ultimately realized as large scale screen printed and vividly colored posters. Beckett plans his pieces meticulously, before letting the organic alchemy of plan VS moment create striking journeys, which have been used by the likes of Metallica, Black Sabbath, Grateful Dead, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails.


David V. D’Andrea is a freelance illustrator and printmaker, an aesthetic explorer with roots firmly planted in underground culture. David’s illustrations seethe with sinuous line work and intentional rough edges. Expert draftsmanship and a raw detailed grittiness are combined to create an organic pen and ink style that is seductive, engaging, and meticulously crafted.

Analog printing methods are employed to create posters and fine art prints sought after by fans and collectors worldwide. Notable clients include Converse, Juxtapoz and bands such as OM and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.


Douwe Dijkstra is an illustrator and printmaker. He makes silkscreen gig posters for Vera Club in Groningen. Douwe is also part of the illustration collective Knetterijs, a group of friends brought together at the Art Academy Minerva, who share a studio together where they divide their time between freelance projects and collective endeavors. Together they make once in a while a collective zine in which they experiment on telling stories in different ways. Douwe has a variety of clients, but loves to work for everything music-related. He is very honored to be the main artist for the Roadburn Festival 2020.


Official artist of Roadburn 2019, and long time collaborator Maarten Donders is on a constant quest to create powerful, expressive images that are recognizable and breathe personality. His artwork is known for it’s surreal, heady, dreamlike but natural qualities.

His drawing style has an organic flow and ranges from detailed to more expressive drawings, with a sensibility for art nouveau, psychedelic art and the subconscious. Maarten has collaborated with many a heady band and artist, including Chelsea Wolfe, Sturgill Simpson, Graveyard, Danko Jones, Domo, Brutus, Kikagaku Moyo and many more.


Fortifem is the creative communion between Jesse Daubertes & Adrien Havet. Based in Paris, both previously working as graphic designers, they decided to join their skills under a common name in 2012. Focusing on illustration, mostly on paper and working with four hands, from this union emerged a style midway between striking tattoo drawings and detailed ancient engravings.

In 2019 Førtifem has been commissioned for the Red Bull Music Festival a three parts show, involving the initial performance of the Regarde les Hommes Tomber & Hangman’s Chair’s collaborative set, alongside Alcest & Perturbator, and Nostromo & Dehn Sora.

They’ve been collaborating with bands as Emperor, Alcest, Carpenter Brut, Rammstein, Perturbator, Amenra, Ulver, Opeth, and many more.


Marald van Haasteren is a fine artist based in Leiden, Netherlands. His approach is bold yet masterfully delicate, often times exploring ideas of elegance and beauty in nature. Marald has created work for a number of aggressive bands including Ghost, Bolt Thrower, High on Fire, Kvelertak, Kylesa, Deafheaven, Wolfbrigade, and more. Recently he has worked on incredible visual collaborations with John Dyer Baizley for the Baroness albums Purple and Gold & Grey.


Jondix, born in Barcelona in the 70’s, is influenced by his architecture studies and by Spanish artists like Dali, Zush, Ponç, and Tapies. He started to tattoo professionally 20 years ago and now owns Seven Doors Tattoo in London. In that time he developed a unique style of illustration and art. Very eclectic, Jondix achieves many different forms of graphic creations including artwork for rock bands like Electric Wizard, Grand Magus, Triptykon, Scott Kelly, Yob, and Saint Vitus. He has also published a few books on the art of tattooing, mystic and oriental symbols, jewelry, and recently his personal abstract-surreal work.


Burlesque of North America is an award-winning design and screenprinting studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since 2003, the team at Burlesque has completed numerous collaborative print projects with visual artists such as Jacob Bannon, John Baizley, Marald van Haasteren, Becky Cloonan, and Richey Beckett, plus musical acts such as Converge, Mastodon, Baroness, and Kvelertak.

Since 2017, Burlesque has reached out to their international network of artists and extended family to bring together the finest print artists from the world of heavy music to help make FULL BLEED a truly one-of-a-kind event.

Opening times for Full Bleed are as follows:
Thursday, April 16Saturday, April 18: 13:0019:00
Sunday, April 19: 13:0018:00