November 29, 2019


Let’s start of with the important info – day tickets! They’ll be on sale on December 10 (at 18:00 CET) and they’ll be priced €67 for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday tickets, and €60.50 for Sunday tickets. There’s still 4-day tickets on sale, but be warned, they’re running low now with 97% tickets sold already. More information about tickets and accommodation options can be found HERE.


Each representing a different strand of Roadburn’s DNA, our two curators have taken different approaches – with each of their curated selection illustrating something of their own personal tastes, whilst also showcasing the diversity of Roadburn. From the word go, there was just one place where James Kent and Emma Ruth Rundle cross over: Alcest.

The set will focus on the band’s two most recent albums – Kodama and Spiritual Instinct -, and will be titled Visions du futur. With a back catalogue that is rich and varied, there was always going to be an embarrassment of riches to choose from, and we’re thrilled that they will be shining a spotlight on where Alcest are right now – and indeed, where the future will take them.

Read more about Alcest HERE.



Unafraid to embrace influences from multiple genres, Okkultokrati created a hardcore punk meets gothic synth dance party mash up of future garage rock anthems that is equal measures electrifying and refreshing. On their upcoming, as yet untitled fifth album, Okkultokrati have made the solemn promise that it will be deeply rooted in metal. With influences such as Darkthrone and Danzig cited from the get go, we’re intrigued to see which darkened alleyway Okkultokrati will lead us down next.

Read more about Okkultokrati HERE.

Inter Arma


What better way to acknowledge the might of Inter Arma‘s latest album, Sulphur English, than to perform it in full at Roadburn. As a festival that revels in pushing the boundaries of heaviness, we recognise kindred spirits in Inter Arma – the complexities and multifaceted layers of their output make for truly a captivating and thrilling ride. We’re delighted to welcome them back to Roadburn – this time, for a main stage performance.

Read more about Inter Arma HERE.

40 Watt Sun

We’ve hosted 40 Watt Sun at previous editions of Roadburn, but since then, the band has undergone distinct metamorphoses. Patrick remains at the core of the band, and as we type he is at work; moulding and shaping the next phase of 40 Watt Sun, with the promise of new material on the horizon.

As we have caught him in something of a transitional phase, we have invited him to perform two sets at Roadburn 2020 – one that acknowledges the past of 40 Watt Sun, and one that looks firmly to the future. To Emma’s joy, Patrick has agreed to perform The Inside Room in its entirety with a full band (including a second guitarist), as well as a ‘solo’ set that will include as yet unreleased tracks – enhanced by the addition of guest musicians.

Read more about 40 Watt Sun HERE and Patrick Walker HERE.

Helms Alee

Over the course of twelve years and five albums, Helms Alee have created a back catalogue of modern American rock music with a deep multiplex current of darkness and bubbling intensity. Steeped in melody with just enough abrasive, discordant surfaces to catch and hold the attention of those seeking something darker and rougher around the edges. The overall result sounds like a three-piece who each know their worth and pull their weight; a perfectly balanced vessel, the collective treasure trove’s value adds up to more than the sum of its individual component parts.

Read more about Helms Alee HERE.


Having released their debut album, Negative Houses, in March 2018, and followed it up a year later with their most recent LP, Lifelike, it may come as no surprise that this industrious trio are already working on their next opus. Perhaps we’ll be fortunate enough to witness some as-yet unreleased tracks live at Roadburn, but if not there’s rich pickings from what’s already out there in the world.

Read more about FACS HERE.



Algiers have found their way into our weekly playlists on more than one occasion, and now we’re thrilled to be welcoming them in the flesh to Roadburn 2020. But before we get there, we’ll welcome their new album, There Is No Year, in January. Algiers are not just charting new waters, they’re ripping up the map and starting again from scratch. The defiance woven throughout their songs is palpable; the electricity of their output is transformative. Barely under the surface of the catchy tunes and memorable hooks bubbles a cauldron full of a writhing mass of political and social commentary that spits and hisses with every stir of the pot.

Read more about Algiers HERE.

Richard Dawson

A modern-day storyteller for the ever changing – and yet consistently bleak – social landscape we find ourselves in. Richard Dawson injects a hefty dose of of wit into what would otherwise be an entirely desolate take on the nuances of life in England in this day and age. Before he arrives here in Tilburg, we strongly suggest you get familiar with 2020 – it’s a complex portrait painted with pop-tinged melody, and full of magnificent heart, even if it shows signs of wear and tear around the edges.

Read more about Richard Dawson HERE.


A chameleonic, labyrinthine mix of post-rock and black metal, thickly atmospheric, as beautiful and inspiring as it is quietly sombre and menacing, as illuminating as it is sorrowful. A former duo, Dynfari eventually became a fully fleshed out quartet just before the release of their acclaimed 2017 album The Four Doors Of The Mind, an ambitious, thought-provoking conceptual work on the stages of grief that we are still processing to this day. To help us complete that process, we have invited Dynfari to perform the album in full at Roadburn 2020.

Read more about Dynfari HERE.

Bad Breeding

Bad Breeding‘s music itself is just as confrontational, just as much an embodiment of the frictious times we’re living in, and just as on point as the message they’re delivering. Echoes of anarcho-punk forefathers such as Crass or Rudimentary Peni are present, but there’s plenty to be found in the rubble that will appeal to fans of post-hardcore or thrash bands alike. If you’re looking to blow off some steam at Roadburn, we’ve got just the band for you…

Read more about Bad Breeding HERE.

White Ward

Prepare to embark on a dystopian journey that is rooted in the here and now, rather than in the fantasy lands of White Ward‘s previous output. Channelling Bohren And Der Club Of Gore, passages of mournful, reflectiveness sit alongside ferocious blast beats and relentless aggression on the album, and will be brought to life on the Roadburn stage this coming April, in all its slick, noir glory.

Read more about White Ward HERE.


The L.A. by-way-of-NYC three-piece turn rhythms on their heads whiplash fast and maintain an extremely groovy vibe. Whilst they’re working from some of the same roots found in classic heavy rock, Dommengang are putting a stamp on it through performances no less righteous than those from which they’re taking inspiration.

Read more about Dommengang HERE.

Kungens Män

Completely unfiltered and without safety nets, Sweden’s Kungens Män crafts otherworldly textures through a meld of organic instrumental flow, and waves of hugely captivating guitar along with ambient synth. It’s Kungens Män‘s improvisational approach that recalls both the hypnotic and meditative wanderings of psychedelia, but the band is also effortlessly moving through krautrock, shoegaze, noiserock and free jazz territory

Read more about Kungens Män HERE.


Brian Daniloski and Ann Everton seem to be constantly on the road, one of those couple duos who will open new gates of consciousness with their self-described “trans-apocalyptic galaxy rock” wherever they’re allowed to set down their gear. Anywhere the Darsombra spaceship has a little space and time to land, it will provide its magic. Now finally that ship has its course set for Roadburn next April where the band will present their most recent album, Transmission.

Read more about Darsombra HERE.

TAU and The Drones Of Praise

Psychedelia comes in many shapes and forms, and we’re thrilled that TAU and The Drones of Praise will bring their swirling mantras and lysergic, Eastern-tinged neo-psych to Roadburn 2020. Part transcendental delights, part acid-folk – think The Wickerman and other tribal incantations – the band revolving around the shamanic IrishBerliner Seán Mulrooney, dives headlong in to sonic experimentalism and extrasensory perception.

Read more about Tau and the Drones of Praise HERE.

Already announced for Roadburn 2020 is: Emma Ruth Rundle and James Kent as curators, commissioned projects from James Kent & Johannes Persson, Jo Quail, and Vile Creature & Bismuth, the return of Julie Christmas, Red Sparowes, Russian Circles, Torche, Brutus, Bada (ft. Anna Von Hausswolff), David Eugene Edwards, Health, Boy Harsher, Lankum, She Past Away, and two Artists In Residence: Full of Hell and Lingua Ignota. Check the full line up HERE.