December 14, 2018

As is becoming something of a tradition, we have turned our weekly playlist over to one of the artists we have just announced to play Roadburn 2019. Step forward Mat McNerney of Hexvessel.

We’ll present it a little differently to usual, as Mat has been good enough to write a few lines for each track detailing why he picked them.

It’s a gloriously eclectic mix and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Over to Mat

Jóhann Jóhannsson – Sand (Lakeshore Records)

Such a tragic loss and waste of a supremely talented man when he left this world. His score to Mandy was so perfect. The movie sucked me up into the bowels of it’s hellish black hole.
The music stayed in my mind long after. This track is like a hungover Sunn O after they’ve taken the wrong acid.

The Dead TonguesEbb and Flow (Psychic Hotline)

I got this recommended by Nate Newton from Converge. He always knows what’s what. Such wistful and lonesome music. I love to listen to their album when I travel. It really becomes a landscape. The landscapes really sing out with this record.

Emma Ruth Rundle Races (Sargent House)

My wife got me into Emma Ruth Rundle, saying she cried so hard when seeing her play live. She took me out to see her play on a rare date night and I totally sobbed through gritted teeth. I think you can relate if you’ve had troubles growing up, being the outsider. She’s painfully honest in her songwriting. Her songs have reached a new nadir with this deeply dreamy album and I think the she’s going to break the world’s heart into pieces.

Necros ChristosTemple VII They and all that belonged to them went alive into Shoel (Sepulchral Voice)

One of my favourite death metal bands of all time. I had to use one of their intros, because they have the best intros in the universe. I think one of the members of Arktau Eos, who also make very ominous intros, had something to do with the intros on this record. As one of the members of Blasphemy once famously said about Arktau Eos, “what could be more evil than making an album of only intros!”

ObliterationTumulus of Ancient Bones (Indie)

This is from their latest and best album so far. They totally own that Norwegian deathmetal style that Darkthrone kicked off with Soulside Journey and Goatlord. The drumming is off the charts. Absolutely crushing. If I am going to put one deathmetal track in this list, this is it.

Johnny GreenwoodAlma  (WEA)

Mr Greenwood’s soundtracks have become so devastatingly good. His command of the minimal classical style he builds up and weaves so masterfully is putting him up there with the greats like Sakamoto and Glass. We share the same violin player (Daniel Pioro plays in Hexvessel and also works with Johnny Greenwood), and through the degrees of separation I often hope that some of Johnny Greenwoods magic talent would somehow drift my way, captured on a small wind of dust from our violin players jacket when he turns up to our session. This is such a beautiful piece of music that shows restraint and deep emotional understanding.

Jeremy Dutcher – Essuwonike (Self release)

What is this? I have no idea. It’s so massive and grand and almost too much for my ears to take in. Jeremy Dutcher is apparently an indigenous Canadian who uses his post-classical rearrangement of traditional First Nations music to preserve their language and culture. Now with groups like Hexvessel playing Roadburn, folk music and culture is a big talking point into 2019. Here I love the idea of seeing roots through a modern lens for a new understanding and appreciation of the past. The music was great without that knowledge, but it’s even more compelling with it.

Thom YorkeSusperium (XL)

The most beautiful song of 2018 in my opinion. The lyrics are almost unbearably sad and apocalyptic. These are dark times. “Know tomorrow’s at peace”

The Thought GangWoodcutters From Fiery Ships

I adored The Thought Gang from Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me. Now we get to hear the whole album. I live for spoken word jazz weirdness like Ken Nordine, Waits and Childish/Ming. Lynch is of course the master of terrifying hilarity. I’d laugh if I wasn’t so afraid of those woodcutters rubbing their hands up and down my walls . . .

Tropical Fuck Storm – Chameleon Paint

Henrik Palm, who plays RB 2019 recommended me this band. Henrik really knows music. He’s one of those trusted music freak friends who will always have a good list for me. I am so excited to see and hear him play Roadburn. But on to Tropical Fuck Storm. What a band! Like my love for Virus and Captain Beefheart just had children. So hard to put this band in any category. They’re out there with The Residents.

Adrienne LenkerTerminal Paradise

This song destroys me. The lyrics are just beyond amazing. I’d write more about it but just thinking about it makes me cry.


We both know

Let me rest, let me go

See my death become a trail

And the trail leads to a flower

I will blossom in your sail

Every dreamed and waking hour

Anna Von Hausswolff The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra

The song that’s on everyone’s playlist right now! And rightly so. Another artist my wife got me into (she has the best taste, so I always steal music from her). We saw her live in Strassbourg and she killed it. She came into the audience and sang to a girl who was absolutely crumpled with emotion afterwards. It was really powerful. I love how the song starts like it’s going to be a Lee Hazlewood song and then just goes totally ape shit like she’s channeling fiery angels of heavenly fury. Dead Magic was one of my favourites this year and I can’t wait to see her reduce Roadburn to a pile of crumpled emotions.

Haley Heynderickx – Show You A Body

This has been my morning song, with a coffee. I like seeing the light come over the gardens and light up the frosty ground with the swells of piano. Hayley Heynerickx is such a strong songwriter and I love her lyrics and honesty. This album has been of of those personal treasures for me this year.


I love this song by Hekate. It has a real Jocelyn Pook vibe. There’s something very sinister and “ancient Germanic” about it. I feel like I have been trapped in an ancient Bavarian burial mound with some possessed occult priests, hellbent on calling up the spirits of some long lost forgotten Teutonic warlords.

Bryan Ferry Orchestra – Reason or Rhyme

I cheated, because this is from 2017. But it’s from Babylon Berlin, which was the greatest televisual spectacle of the year 2018. Nothing blew my world apart in film and music the way that series has. And Bryan Ferry is one of my biggest vocal influences, so to see him there and hear his mark on this soundtrack was something special for me. His voice on this track sounds achingly emotive. He has aged but he hasn’t lost any of his power.