November 16, 2018

As you hopefully saw yesterday, we’re celebrating Exile on Mainstream Records’ 20th birthday at Roadburn 2019! The label has been going as long as this festival has, and over the past two decade has released almost 90 albums! No mean feat!

Given that we are such fans of the label, we have given over our weekly playlist to their output this week. Artistic Director, Walter Hoeijmakers, has selected some of his favourite tracks from a brand new Exile on Mainstream Spotify compilation. If you want to hear the whole comp then click here.

The label will be taking over the Hall of Fame on Saturday, April 13 – but you can prepare in advance by getting stuck into this eclectic playlist right now!

Here’s what’s featured this week…


Conny OchsSlide

NoisepickerHe Knew It Would All End in Tears

BellropeOld Overholt

Confusion MasterReaper’s Fist

TreedeonBreathing a Vein

ObelyskkhThe Ravens

Black Shape of NexusTriumph of Death

BeehooverHeavy Zooo

Tricky LobstersNeeds Must

PayolaThe Hidden Charme of DR. Yak-Fu

The AntikaroshiTeleferique


A Whisper in the NoiseArmament

Kristian HartingTemporary Rooms