August 17, 2018

Not sure if you noticed, but this week we announced a bunch of bands for Roadburn 2019. Given that we were so wrapped up in that, we barely had time to breathe, never mind hunt down the best tunes you should be checking out this week. So, thank goodness for Vile Creature.

One half of this politically charged, sludgy whirlpool, KW, volunteered to take over the reigns for today – what a wonderful human being! If we hadn’t intervened, we’re pretty sure KW would have presented a list comprised entirely of Thou tracks, which certainly wouldn’t have been a terrible thing, but the final list did eventually end up with some variation.

As Vile Creature will be heading this way for Roadburn next year, you could consider this a little peek into their inner workings – what makes them tick! So, what is it that joins all these artists together? KW explains:

“These songs are all heavy and have wonderful movement to them. Also the bands contain no Nazis. Honestly, what’s not to love?”

If you’d like to seek out this week’s tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you need:

Sunrot – Gormandize (Self release)

Aseethe – Into the Sun (Part II) (Thrill Jockey)

Immortal Bird – To a Watery Grave (Manatee Rampage)

Thou – Deepest Sun (Deathwish Inc)

Body Void – Swan (Dry Cough)

Yellow Eyes – Sick with Bloom (Gilead Media)

Elizabeth Colour Wheel – Mika Says (Midnight Werewolf)

Fórn – Suffering in the Eternal Void (Gilead Media)

Yob – Prepare the Ground (Relapse)

Dawn Ray’d – Cauldron of Birth (Moment of Collapse)

Svffer – Systematisierung (Self Release)

Cavernlight – To Wallow In The Filth Where Despair is Born (Gilead Media)

Vattnet Viskar – Intention Oblivion (Burning World Records)

Samothrace – When We Emerged (20 Buck Spin)