This week’s playlist is a bit different to usual as it focuses on just one band: Cave In.

At Roadburn there’s no doubt that we live for those “once in a lifetime” moments, the sets that won’t be repeated elsewhere and the collaborations that live long in our memories. When those kinda things roll around and they’re not happening at Roadburn, we embrace them just as enthusiastically. Last weekend saw such an event as a dozen or so musicians – and 1,800 of their closest friends – gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate the life and art of Caleb Scofield.

A big draw was the one-off reunion of Isis, who performed under the name Celestial. Once the initial is-this-really-happening feeling passed, Celestial played as though they had never been away; eight years of radio silence melted away to be replaced with a band that was as abrasive and urgent as ever. That we have been bombarded by requests for Isis to perform at Roadburn 2019 is testament to the fact that for many there is unfinished business there. However, we can confirm that Isis (or Celestial) have not been booked to play Roadburn.

To be at peace with a band ending on their own terms is sometimes difficult to grasp. As fans we always want more – one last show, one more album. In this case, the one last show was part of a tribute to Caleb, who died earlier this year in a car accident. The threads of his creativity are woven throughout multiple bands – some of which were represented on Saturday night – highlighting the importance of his artistic contributions. Celestial as a one off was a perfect tribute; we don’t need more, we shouldn’t ask for more – not now.

Whilst Isis lay dormant, Cave In too were more often slumbering than not. Save for a handful of sporadic shows, the band haven’t played much since 2011, and even then much less than in their positively prolific years of 2003-4. And yet, here they were – on fine form, blasting away the cobwebs with no sign of ring rust.

The first half of the set featured Caleb’s brother, Kyle, on bass. He stepped forward at one point to pay tribute to his mother – without whom he wouldn’t be stood there, and without whom Caleb wouldn’t have achieved what he did. It was a poignant moment in an emotionally charged set.

For the second half, Nate Newton (Converge, Old Man Gloom) took over bass duties and really let rip.  It would be unfair to say that Nate has big boots to fill; nothing about this felt like a replacement for – or an imitation of  – what has gone before. More accurate would be to say that Nate was just keeping those boots warm, polished and in action – and in doing so, he showcased a guttural roar that would have done Caleb proud.

Cave In gave way to Zozobra in what felt like the most personal and cathartic portion of the night. Aaron Turner and Jacob Bannon took turns on the mic as the ensemble cast of musicians marked out exactly why and how Caleb Scofield was such an important and iconic musician in their – and our – world.

Throughout the bands that played (27, Old Man Gloom, Pelican, Isis/Celestial, Cave In, and Zozobra) there are rich pickings for a Roadburn friendly playlist, without a doubt. But I have chosen to stick to just Cave In – forgive me as I get personal for a sec.

I love this band and I’ve been championing them for a Roadburn slot for years. However, it’s only in the past few days that I have really reflected on the importance of them as a band to me as a human being and an avid music fan. This playlist may serve as a topic of debate for avid Cave In fans (what? no Anchor?) or an introduction to the band for those unfamiliar. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

I think what I have put together is my ideal Cave In live set list – which I know veers from the likely to the highly unlikely. I have almost come to terms with the likelihood of hearing Rubber and Glue live being essentially zero, but I live in hope. And just imagine a set that plays out with the seven glorious minutes of Paranormal! According to it has been played live just the once – a mere 14 years ago.

But guess what? I saw Isis perform Celestial (The Tower) just this week, so really, anything is possible.

– Becky Laverty

Re-watch the live stream of the whole October 13 show HERE.

If you’d like to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Big Riff – from Jupiter (Hydra Head)

Tension In The Ranks – from Perfect Pitch Black (Hydra Head)

The Calypso – from Tides of Tomorrow (Hydra Head)

Heartbreaks, Earthquakes – from White Silence (Hydra Head)

Youth Overrided – from Antenna (Sony)

New Moon – from Jupiter (Hydra Head)

Down The Drain – from Perfect Pitch Black (Hydra Head)

Innuendo and Out the Other – from Jupiter (Hydra Head)

Rubber and Glue – from Antenna (Sony)

Juggernaut – from Until Your Heart Stops (Hydra Head)

Trepanning – from Perfect Pitch Black (Hydra Head)

Paranormal – from Perfect Pitch Black (Hydra Head)