July 20, 2018

Whilst we enormously enjoy sharing with you the new music that we discover on a weekly basis, from time to time it’s nice to mix it up a little bit. Buoyed by World Cup fever, a few weeks back we committed to creating a playlist of tracks that originated from the winning country.  We’re terribly sorry that Uruguay missed out on World Cup glory, and it’s a shame that Croatia got pipped at the post, but in all honesty, we breathed a sigh of relief when France took home the trophy.

It was a joy to go through the options that France presented in terms of music for this playlist. It’s not all brand new bands and songs, but they’re all fitting for a Roadburn-related playlist. The options were rich pickings, with many genres represented. Here’s a selection of French and France-related artists for our latest Roadburn: Essential Sounds playlist. Amusez-vous!

If you’d prefer to seek out the contents of the playlist elsewhere, here’s the info you need:

AlcestSouvenirs d’un autre monde (Prophecy)

AmesoeursGas in Veins (Aural Music)

Les DiscretsRue octavio mey (Prophecy)

DétroitHorizon (Barclay)

VarsovieDiscipline (Eitrin Editions)

Hangman’s ChairCan’t Talk (Dooweet Agency SAS)

Phuture DoomRites (Self released)

TerritoireEsclvvv (Humo)

PerturbatorCorrupted by Design (Blood Music)

Eryn Non Dae.Eclipse (Eitrin Editions)

Deathspell OmegaThe synarchy of Molten Bones (NoEvDiA)

Blut aus NordPaien (Eitrin Editions)

The Great Old OnesWhen the Stars Align (Season of Mist)

MoonreichWith Open Throat for Way Too Long (Les Acteurs De L’Ombre)

Decline of the IDisruption (Agonia Records)

Year Of No LightPerséphone II (Conspiracy Records)

DDENTlongue, obscure et triste lune (Self released)

AbductionSous les cendres et la pierre (Finisterian Dead End)

Birds in RowWe Count So We Don’t Have To Listen (Deathwish Inc)

Jessica93Venus Flytrap (Teenage Menopause)

Natural Snow BuildingDawn on a Buck Skin (Self released)

MagmaHortz for dehn stekehn west (Seventh records)

GongMaster Builder (Virgin Records LTD)

SchizoParaphrenia Praecox (ODL)