June 22, 2018

Whilst we’re still enjoying our vacation from Roadburn HQ (still separately, though united by our ability to befriend foreign cats), we have our trusted contributors taking care of playlist duties.

José Carlos, Gijs, Jo and Davy are heralding summer with a wide array of sounds – whether it’s Here Lies Man, Tzusing,  kaukolampi, Baba Naga, The Armed, Sortilegia or Mz.412, this week’s playlist is as scorching and dark, as it is adventurous and exotic at times.

Starting off with Brazil’s underground heroes, Deaf Kids, who are currently taking Europe by storm, we can only hope summer’s here to stay!

Normal service resumes next week!
-Walter & Becky

P.s. If you’d rather seek these tracks out elsewhere, here’s the info you need:

Deaf Kids – Lâmina Cortante (Neurot Recordings)

The Armed – Role Models (No Rest Until Ruin)

Svalbard – Feminazi?! (Holy Roar/ Translation Loss)

Noisepicker – No Man Lies Blameless (Exile on Mainstream)

Baba Naga – Plná Krvy (Naughty God)

Golden Dawn Arkestra – Wings of Ra (Nine Mile Records)

Here Lies Man – Fighting (Riding Easy)

Scúru Fitchádu – Ken Ki Frâ

Tzusing – Esther (Lies)

Kaukolampi – Three Legged Giant Centipede (Svart)

Khôrada – Ossify (Prophecy Productions)

MZ.412 – Ulvens Broder (Cold Spring)

Sortilegia – Ecstasies of the Sabbath (Ván Records)

Necrodancer – The Necrodancer (Throatruiner)