July 27, 2018

Whilst much of Europe – and no doubt other parts of the world – swelter in the summer heat, we thought it might be nice to cool off with a selection of tracks some of which that have the capacity to send chills down your spine.

Whilst typing out the below list of songs, Underdark’s The Smell Of Autumn had us yearning for a bit of cloud, the suggestion of drizzle, maybe the possibility of wearing a jacket when venturing outside. Elsewhere on the list, the likes of Lingua Ignota and Roadburn favourites Thou take us to ever darker and colder places – and we revel in it.

Amen Dunes Believe (Sacred Bones)

Morission KincannonI’ll Be Ok Tomorrow (Spacetalk)

Howlin RainComing Down (Silver Current)

SungodHypnotism (Holodeck Records)

MessaSnakeskin Drape (Aural Music)

TrollerTorch (Holodeck Records)

Lingua Ignota – For I Am the Light (and Mine is the Only Way) (Profound Lore)

Vile Creature – Circuits, Bending & Breaking (Halo of Flies/ Dry Cough)

Thou – The Changeling Prince (Sacred Bones)

Bosse-de-Nage – Crux (The Flenser)

DaughtersSatan In The Wait (Ipecac Recordings)

Whispering Sons – Performance (Weyrd Son)

Monkey JuiceRefuse Happy (813326 Records DK)

Dust WitchSister Planet (Holodeck Records)

TalonsThe Drowning (Holy Roar Records)

Underdark – The Smell of Autumn (Self Release)

Evil WarriorsAll the Stars (War Anthem Records)