September 28, 2018

My friends, these are strange times we’re living in. And sometimes when life feels unfathomable, we seek solace in music – so we wholeheartedly urge you to do just that. Pick out your favourite records – show them some love. Seek out new releases – give them your time. Or if you find yourself here, reading this, perhaps you’d like to head straight into this week’s Roadburn: Essential Sounds playlist.

If you’d like to seek out these songs elsewhere, here’s the info you need:

Lonnie HolleyI Woke Up In A Fucked Up America (Jagjaguwar)

AlgiersMartyrs (Matador Records)

Jolie Holland, Thor and FriendsLouisiana 1927 (Cinquefoil Records)

Toby Driver – Glyph (Blood Music)

Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch (Polydor)

Bliss SignalN16 Drift (True Panther Sounds)

Author & PunisherOde To Bedlam (Relapse Records)

HaraballHypno (Fysisk Format)

VargU Control The Ocean (Second Crush) (Posh Isolation)

HeatersVenus (Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records)

Upper WildsMars (Thrill Jockey)

Rebel WizardDrunk on the Wizdom of Unicorn Semen (Prosthetic Records)

ObliterationDestination Rite (Indie Recordings)

The SecretVertigo (Southern Lord)

Elizabeth Colour WheelPomsky (Midnight Werewolf Records)