June 29, 2018

We’re a month deep into these Roadburn: Essential Sounds playlists now – and we hope you’re enjoying listening to them as much as we are enjoying putting them together.

Of course each week the contents of the playlist are documented here on the Roadburn site, in posts like this one, but we were impressed and humbled to find that a Roadburner, Ika, has been archiving every song we add to the playlists in one mega-playlist. You can check it out HERE.

But back to this week…

We kick off the playlist with a new track from Emma Ruth Rundle, a favourite at Roadburn HQ! Her 2017 set in the Green Room was so captivating and emotional that it turned out to be one of the cornerstone performances of the whole festival; one that embodied heaviness in an unconventional and unexpected way. We’re so thrilled that Emma will have a new album in September, if the first track is anything to go by, it will be another soul searching future classic.

A connection runs from Emma through to co-collaborators Jaye Jayle and into Young Widows; a thread woven of both love and unbridled creativity.

We had to have a last minute switcheroo when Converge dropped their latest release on us by surprise today! We couldn’t not include a track from the blistering Beautiful Ruin, and we strongly recommend you check out the full EP. Very much a band that do things on their own terms and at their own pace, we’ve gotta say the speed with which their rolling out new material lately suits us just fine.

If you’d prefer to seek out the contents of the playlist elsewhere, here’s the info you need:

Emma Ruth Rundle – Fever Dreams (Sargent House)

Deafheaven – Canary Yellow (Anti Records)

Young Widows – The Money (Temporary Residence)

Jaye Jayle –As Soon As Night (Sargent House)

David Eugene Edwards & Alexander Hacke – The Tell (Glitterhouse Records)

Wayfarer – A Nation of Immigrants (Profound Lore)

Sear Bliss – Shroud (Hammerheart Records)

Kły – Jeżeli (Pagan Records)

Witte Wieven – Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind (Self release)

Kristoffer Lo – Front Row Gallows View (Propeller Recordings)

Wax Chattels – Career (Captured Tracks)

KEN Mode – Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should (Season of Mist)

Converge – Churches & Jails (Epitaph/Deathwish)