September 7, 2018

While we’re working really hard behind the scenes on the 2019 festival, this week’s playlist is full of little discoveries, as we need to rejuvenate ourselves too – plus, it’s in the spirit of next year’s festival as well.

Kicking off with Roadburn luminaries The Ocean and The Secret, we’ll veer into different aural territories with the likes of Rakta, Fontän, Mythic Sunship and Futuropaco as we’d like you to trip hard together with us.

If you’d like to seek out this week’s songs elsewhere, here’s the info you need

The OceanPermian: the Great Dying (Metal Blade)

The SecretVertigo (Southern Lord)

DaughtersThe Reason They Hate Me (Ipecac Records)

AkitsaEspoir vassal (Profound Lore)

RaktaMemória Do Futuro (Iron Lung Records)

Mythic SunshipTectonic Breach (El Paraiso)

FuturopacoFantasma Arancione (El Paraiso)

FontänMangsebung (Höga Nord Records)

Ed WynneShim (Snapper Music)

The Legendary Pink DotsThe Grain Kings (Caciocavallo)

Henrik PalmDogs (Fetish)

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs PigsGNT – Radio Edit (Rocket Recordings)

DSNKTResurgence of Primordial Void Aperture (Clavis Secretorvm)

HorrendousDevotion – Blood for Ink (Season of Mist)