February 26, 2019

You may have noticed that we like to make Roadburn as special as possible, regardless of where your interests outside of music lie. One thing that we picked up on amongst our attendees in recent years is a real passion for beer. Not just the idea of getting drunk with friends, or knocking back some local beers but a real deep enthusiasm and curiosity about this most beautiful beverage.

Well, for all those beer enthusiasts out there, we have something special to share with you for Roadburn 2019! Here’s what you need to know…

Dutch black metal collective Maalstroom are amplifying their performance at Roadburn with an exclusive Maalstroom beer that will be available on Saturday only. Together with Dutch brewery Nevel they created a 15-month-old barrel-aged wild ale infused with the intensely bitter herb absinthe wormwood.

Like the performance, the Maalstroom beer is an exploration beyond what we know and understand. Its flavours evoke a sense of unease that you may relish or reject, but it will not leave you indifferent. We invite you to take part in the full Maalstroom experience and let the wild current drag you along.

Maalstroom and Nevel are both pioneers in their own way, dedicated to exploring what lies beyond the boundaries of style and genre. Drawn to their quiet determination and celebration of local nature, Maalstroom asked Nevel to collaborate on a beer that would reflect the intensity of the Maalstroom performance.

Wild yeasts (Norwegian kveik) and locally grown absinthe wormwood are the key ingredients of this beer. It was aged on oak barrels for 15 months to create sour, fruity notes that underline the massively bitter wave of absinthe. Aromas of orange and grapefruit peel, camphor, hay and barnyard funk make its fascinating, complex character complete. Maalstroom has an ABV of 5.6%.

The beer is available on Saturday only. It will be on draft all day at a specially designated bar (more on that later!) and 50 of bottles are available at Bierbrigadier Tilburg on a first come, first served basis.