March 25, 2019

With Roadburn now just around the corner, we are delighted to present the Roadburn 2019 side programme, as well as exhibitions and more.

Roadburn’s side programme coordinator, Becky Laverty, comments:
“I’m really happy to announce the Roadburn side programme – something I’ve worked on for months behind the scenes. Over the years it’s been great to see people responding so enthusiastically to the Q&As and panels we’ve put together and this year I think we’ve got an excellent line up – worth making some time in your schedule for. Personally, I’m so thrilled to have two special exhibitions by two fantastic artists on display; they’ve been a dream to work with and I can’t wait to see this brought to life.”

NEW VENUE: The Pit Stop
For 2019,  Roadburn is introducing a new venue – but this one is not for watching bands! The Pit Stop is located between the Koepelhal and the Hall of Fame, and will provide a weather-proof spot to – literally and figuratively – recharge your batteries between bands. It will be home to a craft beer bar, food trucks, exhibitions (more on that in a sec!) and much more. You can also check out the incredibly cool photo exhibition by Home of Metal starring… you (if you’re lucky!).  It will be open from 1pm for you to eat, drink, and maybe even pick up a copy of our daily zine, The Weirdo Canyon Dispatch. Consider this spot a place to have…well, a pit stop between bands.

As ever, we’ve jammed in as much excellent stuff as possible into our side programming. All side programme sessions will take place at the V39 (opposite the 013) and there will be event pages added for each on our Facebook. A perfect change of pace when you need a sit down and a chance to absorb some wisdom…

In Conversation: Tom G Warrior
The Celtic Frost and Triptykon mastermind will join Deaf Forever’s Götz Kühnemund on the couch to discuss the composition and performance of his ground breaking Requiem… and much more! Read more here.

In Conversation: Heilung
As they prepare to release their latest album, Heilung will join Metal Hammer’s Jonathan Selzer to talk about their path to world domination, and how the past is very much a part of their future. Read more here.

In Conversation: Tomas Lindberg & Walter Hoeijmakers
Our 2019 curator and our Artistic Director sit down with José Carlos Santos to reflect on many months of working together to bring this year’s Roadburn line up to life. The blood, the sweat, the tears… and the records they’ve listened to along the way. Read more here.

Panel: Doing It Yourself
In our industry-focussed panel this year we will discuss the different avenues for releasing music – whether you want to buddy up with a label or go it alone – and help you navigate the pitfalls and opportunities that both options present. We’ll have Meredith Graves (Kickstarter), Cathy Pellow (Sargent House) and more available to impart their wisdom and allow you to pick their brains. Read more here.

Panel: Aesthetic Immersion
Ex-magazine editor, Louise Brown sits down with Behemoth’s Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski, and photographers Ester Segarra and Teddie Taylor to delve into the visual representation of some of our favourite musicians – and how their aesthetic impacts their music, and vice versa. Read more here.

Q&A: Vinyl Veda Vault
Andreas Kohl returns to bring us all up to speed on the latest in vinyl manufacturing and distribution. In what has become a regular feature on the Roadburn side programme, the Vinyl Veda Vault gives a tantalising glimpse behind the scenes. Read more here.


The Art of Maarten Donders: The Hidden Forest
Roadburn’s 2019 poster artist, Maarten Donders, has a long and varied history with the festival – having taken on responsibility for everything from stage backdrops to band announcement posters. Things come full circle with this extraordinary exhibition of Maarten’s work, titled The Hidden Forest; a stroll through the wonderful world of Maarten’s mind, taking in friendly giants, nymphs and all manner of strange forest creatures. Read more here.

Full Bleed III
For a third year running, BRLSQ of North America will return to Roadburn to present the Full Bleed exhibition. Housed in the new-to-Roadburn Pit Stop, Full Bleed is back – bigger and better than ever. There will be some familiar faces in the form of Jacob Bannon, Richey Beckett, Thomas Hooper etc, but there will also be an injection of new artists such as Douwe Dijkstra and Gemma Berenguer. Read more here.

The Art of Emma Ruth Rundle
Best known to us – and no doubt to you – as the mighty force that pens heart-wrenching anthems of love, loss and everything in between, Emma Ruth Rundle has another outlet for her creativity, and we’re thrilled to present it at Roadburn this year with the assistance of our friends at Kickstarter Music. Inspired by her own On Dark Horses album, Emma has created huge pieces of visual art that you will see replicated in the Pit Stop in their full glory. Eerie and otherworldly in equal measures, the equine-themed images are truly something to behold.  Read more here.

The Art Of Marissa Nadler
As well as bringing a touch of class to the audio element of Roadburn, Marissa Nadler also has a knack for bringing that class to the canvas. Thanks to our friends at Kickstarter Music, we will be exhibiting replicas of pieces from Marissa’s fine art collection, originally created with predominantly oil and charcoal. Regardless of the medium, the ethereal quality of Marissa’s deft craftswomanship shines through.The eight pieces will be on display in the Pit Stop, and we highly recommend taking some time out from the hubbub to sink into the folds of the transcendental landscapes she has created. Read more here.

The Photography of Teddie Taylor

So enamoured were we with Teddie’s photography that we asked her to exhibit at the 013 this year.  You’ll find her work in the frames in Roadburn’s main venue – and we’re sure that you’ll agree that she captures a certain rawness in her subjects.  Among the Roadburn-friendly artists that she has shot in her time is Chelsea Wolfe, Daughters, Thou – and countless others. Keep your eyes peeled. Read more here.

Captain Huh
As well as possessing guitar chops that would put many a fellow musician to shame, Peter Van Elderen has also turned his hand to visual art. We don’t want to give too much away about the sculptures that Peter produces, but we’re pretty sure they’re going to give you a warm welcome at The Pit Stop.

When we pondered aloud if there was an interest in table top gaming amongst Roadburners, we weren’t prepared for such an overwhelming response.  Our friends at Kickstarter Games have the inside track to the hottest new tabletop activities and they’ll have their own area in The Pit Stop for you to drop in and play to your heart’s content! There will be a big organised gaming session at 1pm on the Saturday – bring your deck or pick up something new – but you’re welcome to pull up a chair and play at any time during the festival. Look for the very metal Kickstarter banners (with logo designed by Christophe Szpajdel).Read more here.

Last but most definitely not least, we’re happy to bring you the news that this year there will be Roadburn-branded reusable cups available to purchase at the bar.  Using the non-refundable Roadburn cups is not compulsory; you will still be able to buy your beer in a regular, disposable cup. Don’t say we don’t ever give you anything now…