April 9, 2019

TankZilla is the muscle car amongst the Roadburn caravan of 2019. This twin-engine tarmac titan has seasoned players groovin’ freeway mad: Peter van Elderen (Peter Pan Speedrock, Repomen) and Marcin Hurkmans (Wolfskop). To jolt even more fuel to the pistons, TankZilla’s Roadburn course also marks the release of their debut 7-inch single. Get yourselves some Dutch courage with a punch in the gut by the piledriver boogie of these hellbenders.

Peter comments:

After Walter and I spoke about my art exhibition at Roadburn, I told him I also formed a new musical outfit. I asked if we could play Roadburn somewhere in the basement near the toilets after closing time.
Upon hearing the four TankZilla demo tracks he called me and said: ”This is amazing it’s on repeat for days. If I get a last gap somewhere on Roadburn’s official program you are in.”

And so this will happen: TankZilla, Sunday 4.40 PM at the Hall of Fame.

Two of the aforementioned  demo tracks are available on 7-inch limited edition on Lighttown Fidelity, to be released at Roadburn. To pre-order click here.

You can check out the tracks below and follow TankZilla on Facebook.