Premiere Time (CEST)ContentCategory
19:00Welcome to Roadburn ReduxTalks
19:20Svart Sessions: Kairon; IRSE! performing PolysomnExclusive sets
20:20NoctuleExclusive set
20:30DrowseExclusive Sets
20:50An Autumn For Crippled ChildrenAudio & Video Premieres
21:00Commissioned: Tau presents Dream AwakeExclusive Sets
22:10Alora CrucibleAudio & Video Premieres
Premiere TimeContentCategory
13:00Douwe Dijkstra documentaryDocumentaires
13:30Of WolvesAudio & Video Premieres
14:00The Music of Townes Van Zandt premiere #1Audio & Video Premieres
14:10Pelagic Presents: New SigningsAudio & Video Premieres
14:30Doctors of SpaceExclusive Sets
15:00Q&A: Robin Staps of Pelagic RecordsTalks
15:20Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - Live at Roadburn 2019Audio & Video Premieres
15:30Commissioned: Die Wilde Jagd performing AtemLive Streams
16:15Nadja performing SeemannsgarnExclusive Sets
16:30Kayo DotAudio & Video Premieres
16:50Thy CatafalqueAudio & Video premiere
17:10Nero Di MarteExclusive Sets
17:15Q&A: Big BraveTalks
17:30 Album Premiere: Autarkh performing Form In MotionLive Streams
17:40GOLD introduces This Shame Should Not Be MineDocumentaires
17:50Pelagic Presents: SOMExclusive sets
18:00Pelagic Presents: Johan G. WintherAudio & Video Premieres
18:15Album Premiere: The Devil's Trade performing The Call of the Iron PeakExclusive Sets
19:00Q&A: Divide and DissolveTalks
19:10Jo QuailExclusive Sets
19:30 Commissioned: GOLD performing This Shame Should Not Be MineLive Streams
19:40Svart Sessions: Dust MountainExclusive Sets
20:15Algiers Audio & Video Premieres
20:30Album Premiere: Regarde Les Hommes Tomber performing AscensionExclusive Sets
21:15Commissioned: Many BlessingsAudio & Video Premieres
21:30Album Premiere: Emptiness performing VideLive Streams
21:40Svart Sessions: Polymoon performing Caterpillars of CreationExclusive Sets
22:20Pelagic Presents: BriquevilleAudio & Video Premieres
22:30Pelagic Presents: The Ocean performing Phanerozoic IIExclusive Sets
23:30Commissioned: TDC INC performing CorporateLive Streams
23:40Pelagic Presents: Year Of No LightAudio & Video Premieres
00:00Maggot HeartExclusive Sets
00:20Pelagic Presents: BlessingsExclusive Sets
00:45Inter Arma Covered in the Compound: Live at Chesterfield EastExclusive Sets
Premiere timeContentCategory
12:30We Are The New ChimerasDocumentaries
13:00Album Premiere: Trialogos performing Stroh Zu GoldExclusive Sets
14:00Pelagic Presents: Oslo TapesAudio & Video Premieres
14:10WesenwilleExclusive Sets
14:15The Music of Townes Van Zandt premiere #2Audio & Video Premieres
14:20Acid RoosterAudio & Video Premieres
14:40Lucile Lejoly - The World Is LavaDocumentaries
14:50Wolves In The CondoAudio & Video Premieres
15:00Album Premiere: Spill Gold performing Highway HypnosisLive Streams
15:15Q&A: KnollTalks
15:30Svart Sessions: DoodswensExclusive Sets
15:45Sula Bassana presents Roadburn HazeAudio & Video Premieres
16:10Wolf KingAudio & Video Premieres
16:20KnollExclusive Sets
16:40Commissioned: Primitive ManAudio & Video Premieres
17:00Commissioned: Solar Temple performing The Great Star Above ProvidesLive Streams
17:15Q&A: Tomi Pulkki & Mat McNerney of Svart RecordsTalks
18:00Dawn Ray'dAudio & Video Premieres
18:10Paradox Presents: Autarkh IIIExclusive Sets
18:15Q&A: Dylan Walker of Full of HellTalks
18:50Jonathan HulténAudio & Video premieres
19:00Le Guess Who? at Roadburn Redux: Plague Organ performing OrphanLive Streams
19:15TESAAudio & Video Premieres
19:30Offermose presents Jordens åbne sår Exclusive Sets
19:50Commissioned: BADA Exclusive Sets
20:20Commissioned: Mizmor presents Wit's EndAudio & Video Premieres
20:45Body VoidAudio & Video Premieres
20:50Album Premiere: Die Wilde Jagd performing HautLive Streams
21:00WayfarerExclusive Sets
21:30Sunrot Audio & Video Premieres
21:40Steve Von Till presents A Remote WildernessExclusive Sets
21:45Witch MountainAudio & Video Premieres
22:50Commissioned: The Nest performing Her True NatureLive Streams
23:15GallopsExclusive Sets
23:40Hante.Audio & Video Premieres
23:45Svart Sessions: Haunted PlasmaExclusive Sets
00:30Blanck MassExclusive Sets
01:00Commissioned: Neptunian Maximalism: Set Chaos To The Heart Of The MoonLive Streams
01:15Algiers MixtapeAudio & Video Premieres
Premiere Time (CEST)ContentCategory
12:40Talea Jacta meets Electric MoonAudio & Video Premieres
13:00Astrosoniq - Live at Roadburn 2016Audio & Video Premieres
14:20BlodetAudio & Video Premieres
14:30Album Premiere: MIGHT performing MightExclusive set
14:40Pelagic Presents: LLNNDocumentaries
14:50Commissioned: Dirk Serries performing EpitaphLive Streams
15:20MidwifeAudio & Video Premieres
15:30Vinyl Veda VaultTalks
15:45Pelagic Presents: PsychonautExclusive set
16:00Pelagic Presents: SâverExclusive set
16:20The Music of Townes Van Zandt premiere #3Audio & Video Premieres
16:30Pelagic Presents: CrownExclusive set
16:50Commissioned: Dead Neanderthals performing IXXOLive Streams
17:00The Music of Townes Van Zandt Q&ATalks
17:15Hand ModelAudio & Video Premieres
17:30Death BellsExclusive set
17:50Pelagic Presents: Lustmord & Karin ParkAudio & Video Premieres
18:00Q&A: Lingua IgnotaTalks
18:10Album premiere: Territoire presents Étude de la profondeurExclusive set
18:30Obsidian KingdomAudio & Video Premieres
18:40Commissioned: Of Blood And Mercury performing The Other Side Of DeathLive Streams
18:50AmuletsAudio & Video Premieres
19:00Svart Sessions: Iterum NataExclusive set
19:30Q&A: Aaron TurnerTalks
19:40Svart Sessions: Hexvessel performing DawnbearerExclusive set
20:40Album Premiere: Wolvennest performing TempleLive Streams
22:00Aaron TurnerExclusive set
23:00DeWolff Live Streams