August 26, 2020

Ahead of its release, we’re excited to bring you the premiere for “Inside You, a brand new track, taken from IJdelheid’s debut-EP, ‘God Must Love Me’, which will be out on cassette this Friday, 28 August through Tartarus Records. IJdelheid is Ruben Wijlacker’s intimate vehicle to explore atmospheric dream folk, contrary to his playful yet sometimes schizophrenic take on black metal when he’s fronting Grey Aura.

Much like Grey Aura, IJdelheid (i.e. vanity) is very disquieting too, but in its own, brooding way, eliciting a melancholic feeling completely at odds with the lyrical themes of transgression, sexual violence and murder. Be it a deadly relationship between two lovers, and the metaphorical rejection and silencing of one’s darkest desires – Wijlacker doesn’t shy away from the dark and sinful prospects of life nor questioning religion.

Featuring guest vocals by Firoza Mulahella (who is one of Wijlacker‘s closest friends), ‘Inside You’ sees an “incarcerated man, fantasizing about a woman”, says the multi-talented Wijlacker. “It was written during October 2019, but this seems to be a fitting time to release it. With the current regulations regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, our physical contact with other human beings is extremely limited: often, we cannot touch those whom we love, and will have no choice but to withdraw into our own fantasies. As our longing intensifies, fantasies grow stronger. Our feelings of love, backed by a growing fear of abandonment and emotional starvation, may turn sour. We may want to claim our loved ones and hold them close, only to affirm our own existence and self-worth.”