May 26, 2020

Orange Sunshine worshippers rejoice! The very soul of the heavy ’70s is only a magickal tab away, says your captain. Dubbed Mercury Boys, this straight-up dose of acid is proto-everything, whether it’s the righteous blowout in shades of Blue Cheer or MC5, or the glorification of get-up and get-down boogie – BEHOLD lizard brain rock! Mercury Boys takes a direct hit at your primal survival instincts like their legendary predecessors.

Mind you, this is no cheap thrill. This is a proper banger. The band, helmed by niche-legend Guy Tavares – along with Timothy Aarbodem of Supersonic Blues on guitar and bass, and Germany’s own Janik Ruß (guitar) and Christian Dräger (drums), both of Ragged Barracudas – are the most honest and dedicated purveyors of no bullshit swag known to this scene, period!

Dedicated to beloved Orange Sunshine guitarist Arthur Van Berkel, who sadly passed away two years ago, Mercury Boys‘ debut EP, Return To Cinders, is out June 1 via Who Can You Trust? Records.

Ahead of its release, we premiere opener ‘Atlas Falling’, which is, according to the amicable JJ Koczan of The Obelisk, “shoving and stomping at the outset,” and dripping with a no holds barred, raw attitude.

Miss it and you’ll pass up that feeling of unearthing a long sought after gem.

Artwork: Adam Burke.