April 29, 2020

Inspired by the spirit of Roadburn – even when kept apart by necessary physical distance this year – Zachary Oakley and his brother Matt recorded an exclusive video just for us! Many of you will recognise Zack from JOY, Pharlee, and of course as an instrumental part of the incredible San Diego takeover during Roadburn 2018. He even brought his parents along for the magickal ride that year, so to describe the Oakley brothers as part of the extended Roadburn family is no exaggeration.

Zack comments:
“When I arrive at Roadburn I feel like I’ve made it to the magical epicenter of it all. It has given so much to us and our family over the past few years so we thank you Walter, Becky and the whole crew for keeping the Roadburn universe alive. Thanks for having us! This one is for you guys!”