Integrity to leave an indelible mark on John Dyer Baizley's curated Roadburn 2017 event

“Integrity; arguably the first metallic hardcore band I got into – whom I discovered in my adolescence while collecting Pushead-designed sleeves, whose 1:15 long “Vocal Test” immediately became on of my staple jams – is the next band I am pleased to announce as part of my curated 013 stage at Roadburn 2017. In our wonderfully diverse and disturbingly creative little music universe, Dwid ranks among the first wave of US punk / HC / metal musicians who led a double life as a visual artist.

Integrity’s staunch refusal to make categorizable music, and Dwid’s uniquely left-field visual art identity stand as an excellent example of creative and ideological fortitude to those of us who ended up in the all-consuming, hermetic and unstable world of artist / musicians who channel inner-turmoil into art. To illuminate the dark recesses of our inner psyche by giving it voice, whether visually or through music, demands an intimacy of candour and depth of sacrifice that ignores popular trends and willingly embraces the risks inherent in art which follows no trend.
I have always admired those creative minds who trust that the nuances of their particular artistic language are more important to focus on to than the more predictable and well-trod formulas.This is what separates the artist from the designer, the musician from the entertainer, the individual from the status quo.

“Integrity, throughout their career, have eschewed the obvious in favor of the compelling. Even in my initial discussions with Dwid regarding Integrity’s upcoming performance at Roadburn, I was reminded by Dwid himself that even my preconceived idea of the band may have been too limiting. The confidence and assurance he shows, even now, when explaining the marginalizing effect of being categorized stands a testament to the dedication that Integrity has for their chosen route through the world of underground music.

“Furthermore, that discussion offered me validation that the choice to invite them was a sound one; especially with regards to my curatorial philosophy for next year’s Roadburn. I hope to see you all there, while Integrity proves to all present that the ferocity has neither dulled nor become disingenuous throughout their career. Reality is bleak, but through darkness we are able to find connectivity and community.”

John Dyer Baizley.

Few others, if any, hardcore bands carry so much weight and impose so much respect outside their own scene as Integrity do, perhaps because they have always transcended their “root” genre, both stylistically and conceptually. Always one of the darkest and most sinister bands of any genre, their 1996 ultra-classic Humanity Is The Devil has left indelible marks on every listener bold enough to have braved its shadowy, nihilistic passages, but every single release since then has had its own uniquely disquieting charms.

Always led by the charismatic Dwid Hellion – who already visited Roadburn last year as Vermapyre, supporting CHVE‘s harrowing show – Integrity have become legendary in their own right and are one of the few bands today who still carry a true aura of menace and mystery with them, making them the perfect candidate for a Roadburn highlight.

Integrity will perform as part of John Dyer Baizley’s curated event on Friday, 21 April at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Roadburn Festival 2017 will take place April 20-23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets are now on sale!

Date: April 21

Time: 00:20

Stage: Main Stage