Every April (for 2024 it will be April 18-21) at the 013 and other nearby venues in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

The exact opening times will follow later but if you want to be on the safe side, plan for midday til past midnight when looking at travel options.

There is no minimum age for Roadburn Festival. Kids below 14 need to be accompanied by an adult. Please note the music volume can be loud and consider suitable ear protection.

Roadburn aims to be as inclusive as possible. The Main Stage and both venues in the Koepelhal have a wheelchair-accessible platform, and although the Green room and other areas do not have viewing platforms they are still accessible. If you have questions about accessibility please contact us via 

A small bag (i.e a tote bag or similar) is fine – but big bags or backpacks will need to be put into a locker or left at your accommodation before you go into the concert halls. If it’s bigger than approximately A4 size, you will have to find somewhere to store it.

Yes, there are small lockers at 013 and bigger lockers at Spoorzone. You can also stash your vinyl at a merch drop-off point.

Of course! We have a lot of Roadburners who travel solo. We strive to make everyone feel welcome, whether it’s your first time or fifteenth time, whether you come alone or bring a whole group of friends. We often have a meet up on the first day for solo/first time ‘burners – stay tuned on our socials for more info.

We have a Roadburners Facebook group and discord channel – if you’d like to be in touch with other attendees before the festival, please feel free to join. We also have a main Facebook page, event page, Instagram and Twitter.

You can read the privacy statement here.


Tickets for Roadburn 2024 are on sale via our Ticket Page.

No, we can’t do this. Buying a ticket from any source other than Ticketmaster is at your own risk and is discouraged by the organization. We strongly advise you to buy tickets only from Ticketswap is the most safe secondary ticket seller, but please be aware that we are not affiliated with them and buying a ticket via Ticket Swap is still at your own risk.

You can download your tickets again by logging in with your account at Forgot the password to your Ticketmaster account? Then contact Ticketmaster at

Staying overnight

The Roadburn campsite is hosted by Stadscamping Tilburg – about a 20 minute walk from the festival.

You can find the Stadscamping at Spoorpark 2, 5038 LS Tilburg (For your navigation, please use Hazelaarstraat, Tilburg). Parking is in a different place, after you dropped your stuff, you can drive to the parking lot. There will be a bus to bring you back to the campsite for free.

More accommodation info will be available soon

The opening times will be announced prior to the festival

Yes, a supplementary ticket is required for your vehicle, and there are a limited number of spots. The campsite offers electricity for every caravan/camper.

At the time of writing, we can guarantee there will be showers, toilets, sinks, a small bar and breakfast. There won’t be power, unless included in your accommodation. But if you want to charge your phone somewhere on the campsite, that will be possible.

Holiday Inn:
Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan 1
5612 BA Eindhoven

Onsite parking at Holiday Inn is available for 16 EURO with video surveillance and number plate registration. Driving an electric car? No problem, there are 4 charging points available. Offsite parking is located just outside of the hotel’s private parking. Guests need to walk across parking area to access the entrance.

How to get to Roadburn

The 013 and the Spoorzone area of the city are walking distance to Tilburg Central Station

013 is at Veemarktstraat 44, 5038 CV in Tilburg.

Note: don’t enter this address into your navigation system – choose one of the nearby car parks (see below).

By public transport:
013 is just 1 kilometre from Tilburg Station (10-15 minutes walk). You can see the walking route from the station to 013 here.  The closest bus stop is ‘Heuvelring’, 2 minutes walk from 013. For current bus times, always check the app or website.

By car:
There are several car parks within walking distance. The closest is the Tivoli Parkeergarage, which is directly adjacent to the 013. The car parks at Pieter Vreedeplein and de Heuvelpoort are 3 minutes’ walk away. Here are the addresses for your navigation system:

P1 – 013-Tivoli – Achter de Heuvel 3 – 5038 CW Tilburg
P2 – Pieter Vreedeplein – Magazijnstraat 46 – 5038 BP Tilburg
P3 – Heuvelpoort – Heuvelpoort 353 – 5038 DT Tilburg

Additional info 013 – Tivoli Parkeergarage:
Owing to its ideal location, the 013-Tivoli car park can get very busy during festivals and weekends. As pay-on-exit tickets for this car park can only be purchased in the car park itself and not in 013, we advise using the pre-paid ticket button after 18:00 hours on concert days. You then pay €6 in advance and can park until closing time, and don’t have to stand in a queue after visiting 013.

If you are parking for less than three hours, not using the pre-paid parking option might save you a little money, but at the risk of standing in a long queue when leaving.


Roadburn takes place at venues in 013 Popcentre and the Spoorzone. Both are in Tilburg city centre and a 5 minute walk from each other. You can enter and leave whenever you like. 

The last train to Eindhoven will leave at about 00:30 (but please check before you travel). After that we have night buses. If you are staying in Eindhoven, there are night bus tickets also available to purchase.

Please be aware: the bus will stop before Holiday Inn, the Crown Hotel is about a 10 min walk from here.


Yes, in 013 as well as the Spoorzone, there is a first aid station.

Yes but make sure you have a valid prescription for them so our security can let you in without delay.

Although we aim to create a safe and inclusive space at Roadburn, we are aware that we can’t promise that something or somebody won’t make you feel otherwise. What we can promise is that we will take it seriously if something untoward happens to you at Roadburn. If you feel unsafe or are getting harassed, please contact the nearest security you see. If you are in an area where security staff aren’t visible, other 013 employees or bar personnel can send security to the specific location. If your concern is not urgent in nature or takes place outside of the festival grounds, please contact us on


No you don’t, everything will be cashless.

Please contact for Dutch and Flemish press enquiries.

Please contact us via for anything that isn’t covered here already.

Please contact us via and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Food & Drinks

Alcohol is readily available inside the festival grounds. You’re not allowed to smoke in any of the venues, please go outside. Weed is not legal, but tolerated in outside areas. At the time of writing, foreign visitors can visit the coffee shops in Tilburg, but they need to have valid ID.

More information on catering will be available closer to the festival – a wide range of options is always available from our vendors.

Our caterers can take the most common allergies into account in their product ranges – let them know about your allergy before ordering. If you are in doubt about whether you are allergic to a product, you can always ask for alternatives.

Your own food and drink cannot be brought into the Roadburn venues – plenty of options are available on site.

This year, all cups will be hard cups in all of the venues. You will pay a €0,50 deposit per cup when you order. You get this back when you return the cup. You can also choose the donate the deposit to a charity.