We’re aware that many people have been speculating about the practicalities around hosting Roadburn 2021 as we originally planned – with everything simply carried over from 2020. Despite encouraging news about vaccines we are just not in a position to assume that will be possible in four months from now.

We are currently planning a very much scaled down, COVID-proof version of Roadburn for April 2021, which will be accessible whether you’re in Tilburg or somewhere else around the globe. We’ll have more information on that in the new year…

We’re so grateful that back in March/April you decided to roll over your tickets to 2021, but we understand that you might not be in a position to roll over again to 2022, so we will be offering refunds to those who would like to claim them. Holding on to your ticket is a huge help to us, and it guarantees your access to Roadburn in 2022 (set for April 21-24) – at 2020 prices!

Your options are as follows:

ROLLOVER – you’ve done it once, if you’d like to do it again and secure your ticket for Roadburn 2022 (set for April 21-24) then you don’t need to do anything and your ticket will automatically rollover.

REFUNDS – if you would like a refund you can request one via TicketmasterCLICK HERE.
You will have until February 10, 2021 to decide what you would like to do (if you do nothing, your ticket converts to a 2022 Roadburn ticket). Refundsincluding those requested earlier this year – will take place on February 19, 2021.

If you booked a camping ticket of any sort or the night bus this will be refunded at the same time in February, regardless of whether you roll over your festival ticket or not. We will make plans for the 2022 Roadburn campsite in due course, but felt that it was fair to free up your money now so you can revisit your accommodation choices closer to the time.

Whilst we cannot tell you our 2022 plans now – we promise to deliver the high-level, special shows that you’ve become accustomed to.Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Despite the silver lining of being able to connect with the Roadburn community this coming April – more news on that in the new year – it is still with a sense of disbelief that we tackle each and every part of this endeavour. We hope you’re safe, well and finding solace in music, as we are.

We’re still here to answer your questions as best we can – we can be reached on info@013.nl if you need us.


After two years in a different location, the Roadburn campsite will return to its original location. Everybody who has already booked at the campsite will be receiving full details of the new campsite via email, and you can also read more below.

On the spot where the camping was two years ago, Tilburg has created a beautiful park: the Spoorpark. By popular request, Stadscamping Tilburg have managed to organise a campsite on this fantastic location and it’s perfect for Roadburners.

Since the last time Stadscamping Tilburg hosted the camping in this spot, a lot of things have changed. No more threadbare grass fields – guests will now arrive in a beautifully laid out park which looks completely different to the last time camping was hosted there.

In cooperation with the T-Huis, the newly opened restaurant in the Spoorpark, we will attend to all your needs: a hearty breakfast, great coffee and a collection of craft beers – there will be hot showers, clean toilets, cold drinking water, and free phone charging for every camper, too! Next to the restaurant there’s a 35 meters high watchtower: the Kempentoren. On this tower you have a beautiful view on the camping as well as the city.

Kiss & Ride and parking
Unfortunately, there is only limited parking space in the immediate vicinity. To not disturb the local residents living around the park, we have arranged paid and guarded parking spaces somewhere else in the city (Het Laar), just a 5 minute car ride. On the Kiss & Ride near the campground you can unload your stuff and then you can bring your car to this location. From Het Laar there will be shuttle buses that will bring you back to the camping. Are you visiting on your own? You can leave your luggage with us while you take care of your car and we’ll make sure your stuff is safe with us. A parking space costs €12,50 including shuttle bus and 24/7 security.

City Center
The Spoorpark lies a 10 minute walk from Tilburg central station. Close to the campsite are several shops, including the AH XL, a massive supermarket. The Koepelhal and 013 are approx. a 15 minute walk. Would you rather cycle (this IS The Netherlands)? You can rent a bike at the campsite and you reach the festival site in just a few minutes.

Unfortunately we’ve had to say goodbye to Flexotels as they were simply not a financially viable option – they would have required a price hike that we did not think would be a popular choice. So here’s what’s available (all prices exclude €3,40 service fees.)

CAMPING – bring your own tent, supplies and pitch on the campsite:
€56,50 for three nights (ThuSun).
€68.50 for four nights (ThuMon).
€82,00 for five nights (WedMon).
€22 for 1 night (Thurday)
€22 for 1 night (Friday)
€22 for 1 night (Saturday)
€22 for 1 night (Sunday)

CAMPINGa tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow provided for you:
1 person basic tent€115 for four nights (ThuMon).
2 person basic tent €215 for four nights  (ThuMon).
An additional night can be purchased for Wednesday night for €16 (1 person) or €28 (2 person).

FESTIPI – a tipi style tent set up with Nomad 10.0 sleeping mat, sleeping bag, pillow:
1 person Festipi€179 for four nights (ThuMon).
2 person Festipi€309 for four nights (Thu Mon).
3 person Festipi€429 for four nights (ThuMon).
An additional night can be purchased for Wednesday night for €32 (1 person) or €59 (2 person)
or €78 (3 person).

BARON TENT – tent set up with real beds, duvet, a lock, a light, power point, two chairs and on a wooden platform:
2 person Baron Tent€399 for four nights (ThuMon).
An additional night can be purchased for Wednesday night for €99.

QUEEN TENTtent set up with airbeds, sleeping bag and light (perfect for friends!):
4 person€499  for four nights (Thu Mon)
An additional night can be purchased for Wednesday night for €96.

FESTIHUT4 beds (bunk beds), bedding, pillows, light, power point, lock:

4 personSOLD OUT
An additional night can be purchased for Wednesday night for €146

CAMPERVAN – bring your own campervan or caravan and provide your own creature comforts.

You need to purchase the camping ticket (see above) for the number of days you wish to stay plus the additional campervan ticket priced at €20.

(NOTE: €3,40 service fees are applicable for Ticketmaster.nl purchases for campsite tickets).

Eindhoven – bus ticket and hotels

Hotels in Tilburg (see below) are very limited so if you’ve already booked yourself a room, then good for you! However, Eindhoven is less than 20 minutes away by train and offers a variety of hotels for affordable prices. The good news is that at night, once the trains stop running, there will be a bus to Eindhoven (stopping at the Central train station only) so you don’t need to cut your night short, and you will be delivered (almost) back to your bed for your well deserved beauty sleep.

€30 for three days
€40 for four days
(all prices exclude €3,40 service fees)

One way only€12,50
(all prices exclude €1,70 service fees)

Of course there’s a plenty to do, eat and drink in Eindhoven itself, and there’s the added benefit of the close proximity to Eindhoven airport for those traveling in from around Europe.

Hotels in Eindhoven

Budget Hotel: Hotel-O-Theek  Smits
– T: +31 (0)40 244 8992
Opened year round, the Hotel-O-Theek offers several rooms for companies to house employees in the City center of Eindhoven. We are very happy to welcome you to this city, and will offer you every assistance in helping you find your way around. Our prices start from just € 26,- P.P.
Crown Hotel
– T: +31(0)40 844 4000
Crown Inn – T: +31 (0)40  2454 545
Sofitel Cocagne – T: +31(0)40 2326111
Hotel Pierre – T: +31 (0)40  2121 012
The Mandarin Hotel – T: +31 (0)40  2125 055
Queen – T: +31 (0)40  2452 480
Van der Valk – T: +31(0)40  2124 625
Sandton Eindhoven – T: +31 (0)40 2121 330

Van der Valk Hotel

The Van der Valk hotel will offer hotel accommodation in Tilburg

Safari Resort Beekse Bergen

For 2020 in addition to the jungalows familiar to campers every year, Safari Resort Beekse Bergen – which is located just outside Tilburg – is glad to offer Roadburn attendees the chance to stay in luxurious cabins on the zoo grounds during the festival.

All the info is HERE.

Up to 6, 8 or 14 Roadburners can share a cabin from Tuesday through Sunday nights or Friday through Monday. And be assured: Taxi Korthout will run a shuttle bus between Safari Resort Beekse Bergen and the festival, so you won’t miss a thing.

We encourage everyone to partner up with your fellow fest-goers and share cabins, and whether you’re coming with a group of friends or meeting people for the first time, we know that soon the Beekse Bergen cabins will become a great part of your Roadburn experience.

Hotels – Tilburg, Breda & Den Bosch

Mercure Tilburg – T: +31 (0)13 535 4675
Bastion Tilburg – T: +31 (0)13 544 1999
Ibis Tilburg – T: +31 (0)13  463 6465
Valk Exclusief – T: +31 (0) 13 800 0800
Hostel Roots – T: +31 (0)652308518
Auberge du Bonheur – T: + 31 (0)347  750 430
De Postelse Hoeve BV – T: +31 (0)13  463 6335
Van der Valk Hotel Gilze-Tilburg – T: +31 (0)161  454 951
De Druiventros Hotel – T: +31 (0)13 533 9115

HOTELS BREDA (15 minute train ride from Tilburg)
Mercure Hotel – T:+31 (0)76  522 0200
Golden Tulip Keyser – T: +31 (0)347  750 430
Novotel Breda – T: +31 (0)76  565 9220
Hotel Brabant – T: + 31(0) 76  522 4666
Hotel Princeville – T: +31 (0)76 520 3870
Bastion Hotel – T: +31 (0)76 542 0403
Scheepshuys Hotel – T: +31 (0)76  581 0970
Hotel Van Ham – T: +31 (0)76  521 5229
Suite Nine BV – T: +31 (0)76 533 5980
De Klok Breda Bv – T: +31 (0)76  521 4082
B&B ‘t Station – T: +31 (0)76 520 5714
B&B Singelgracht
– T: +31(0)76  5216 271
Located in the center of Breda, on the old canal, 2 minutes walking distance from the Central Station.
B&B Lieu de Ruse – T: +31 (0)76 5148 416

HOTELS DEN BOSCH (15 minute train ride from Tilburg)
Hotel Terminus– T: +31 (0)73 6130 666
A cheap hotel & folk pub, next to Den Bosch Central Station
Hotel Central – T: +31(0)73 6926 926
Movenpick Hotel – T: +31 (0)73  6874 635
Mercure Hertogenbosch – T: +31 (0)73  5219 159
Euro-Hotel – T: +31 (0)73 6137 777
Cox / CJT – T: +31 (0)73  6126 029 (bed.breakfast@hotmail.com)
Hotel aan de Parade BV – T: +31 (0)73  5118 518
Kulas / J – T: +31 (0)73  6134 057


These types of Ticketfast options are available.

3-day | 4-day festival passes (pdf).
3-day | 4-day festival passes + cancellation insurance (pdf).


These types of shipping options are available.

3-day | 4-day festival passes (mail delivery).
3-day | 4-day festival passes + cancellation insurance (mail delivery).

Shipping costs for international orders vary based on the country to which the order is being shipped.

Cancellation insurance

Cancellation possible in the event of serious illness, serious injuries as a result of an accident or death of the insured party or his / her relatives by blood or affinity in the 1st and 2nd degree; pregnancy complications; severe property damage; irretrievable breakdown of marriage; theft, embezzlement or loss, or total-loss damage to the vehicle to be used for the trip to the event.

The authorized online ticket site is TICKETMASTER – in The Netherlands, tickets will also be available at the 013 box office.

We strongly advise against buying your tickets from other (online) ticket services. Counterfeit tickets will not be accepted.

Attention online buyers: be sure to create your Ticketmaster.nl account in advance. That way you can save your information and avoid extra time-consuming steps when you log on to purchase your tickets when they go on sale.