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Roadburn makes use of cookies when offering its services.


Cookies are small text files that are stored, for example on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website. These text files store (anonymized) information which can be recognised by the website when you visit it again. Some cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website, while other cookies are useful to the visitor as they mean you don’t have to keep on filling in the same information, while other cookies make it possible for website managers and advertisers to place targeted advertisements. The use of cookies on our website is important to Roadburn, which is why we seek to inform you as fully as possible in this cookie policy about how we use cookies.


We make use of different types of cookies on the Roadburn website. These can be divided into the following categories:


These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the Roadburn website. Without these cookies, (parts of) the website would not work – for example, navigating through the pages, remembering a language preference or recording whether cookies can be placed or not.


Analytical cookies are used to improve the website. This information, which is stored anonymously, allows us to see which pages are visited most, which pages generate error messages, which browsers visitors are using to surf, etc. In this way, we can evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the website and make the website easier to use. Roadburn does not track individual users when doing this.


All other cookies, such as marketing cookies, are non-functional cookies and are only used with prior permission from visitors to our website. These cookies are used, for example, for the following purposes:

  • the optimization of online advertisements/campaigns, for example to stop you from constantly seeing the same advertisement
  • to keep track of how many visitors click on advertisements, so the advertiser can be billed for this amount
  • to record the websites you visit so an estimate can be made of your interests and provide you with relevant content and advertisements
  • to see whether you clicked on an advertisement
  • to pass on information on your surfing behaviour to other websites
  • to make it possible to use services from third parties to show advertisements to you.

Roadburn will always ask for your permission in advance for the use of these non-functioning cookies.


On the Roadburn website, you will find share buttons for various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. If you grant permission on the Roadburn website for this category of cookies, you can make use of extra functionalities such as direct sharing of information on the websites operated by these parties. For information on the cookies these parties place and the information they collect with these, see the statements made by these parties on their own websites.


Advertisers (whether working on behalf of Roadburn or not) use their own cookies on the Roadburn website to show you advertisements they consider relevant to you. You will be asked for permission before these cookies are placed.


It is possible to not give permission for the placing of cookies, or to block cookies. Often, it is possible to set your internet browser to not accept cookies as standard. How this works differs from one browser to another. You can use the help function in your browser to find out how to remove cookies. If you have any questions about these settings, contact the provider of your browser.

Note that, if you switch off cookies in the browser or block these in another way, it is possible that certain services or parts of the website won’t work, or won’t work as they should.

It is also possible to remove cookies from your computer, tablet or smartphone after visiting websites. This can also be done in your browser.