April 21, 2021

We have to start by thanking you for coming on this journey with us… we say it a lot but this past year or so has been a wild ride in so many ways, and this edition of Roadburn was more of the same. There’s likely no emotion that between us we haven’t felt, and we’re grateful to have had your company on this particular rollercoaster.

To say we’re overwhelmed by the response to Roadburn Redux would be an understatement. Whilst we had hopes and dreams for how it would turn out, we almost didn’t dare to have any expectations or to say those dreams out loud. We didn’t know how it would feel to experience a version of Roadburn without an in-person connection, we didn’t know who would show up, who would stick around – it was all an unknown.

When we set out to put together Roadburn Redux, we knew that we would have to follow our own path – as we always do – but also ignore what we have learned over many years of putting on events; this was something different. All the parameters of Roadburn organisation that we were familiar with had shifted, or vanished entirely. We’re grateful to the support of some wonderful labels and booking agents who were willing to take a chance on our ideas. So whilst there was a tremendous amount of time, care, love and attention that went into Roadburn Redux, to some extent, we were still winging it when it was time to go live.

It wouldn’t have been possible at all if it weren’t for the 013 venue’s belief in what we had already established with Roadburn (that’s us, and you by the way) and what the future is capable of holding for us. The production team adapted to the necessities of their jobs changing essentially overnight and accommodated every restriction and requirement that was needed to allow bands to perform live.

And what performances we were granted! The production values were second to none, and the results were truly spellbinding! We couldn’t be more proud of the high level output that was made possible by our production team working alongside the Livewall team. And of course the bands – who had to overcome surreal circumstances to deliver their art – were beyond amazing, every single day.

As for the pre-recorded sets and audio/video premieres, we were absolutely blown away by the effort and commitment that bands put into crafting, recording and delivering assets. From the newest bands that we hope we’ve helped uncover, right through to the established artists that we have cherished and celebrated for years. Sometimes things came together at the last possible moment, and sometimes against the odds, but we got there in the end.

There would have been no festival at all without the work and dedication of the people we have just mentioned, but it became evident over the last few days that the true spirit of Roadburn is only conjured up when we all experience the music we love – together. Of course, it was strange to realise that this was happening, or even possible, in a digital realm – but it was so apparent within minutes of the website going live that something special was happening.

As ever, it will take a while for Roadburn to sink in, for us to process it and figure out where we go from here. We’re somewhat stunned that we pulled it off ourselves, but dare we say that we’ve taken Roadburn to a new level? We’ve learned – through our shared sense of community above all else – that just about anything is possible, and that you’re coming along for the ride, wherever it may take us.

It is our most sincere wish that next year we’re together in person – April 21-24, 2022. Until then, we hope you have some special memories from Roadburn Redux to hold on to.

Walter, Becky, the whole Roadburn team & the 013 crew

Roadburn Redux wouldn’t have been possible without the support and help from: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Tilburg, Provincie Noord Brabant, Ticket To Tilburg and Brewery Bavaria.