September 13, 2017

Whilst we’ve been gearing up for our first 2018 announcement, Marcel Van De Vondervoort (Torture Garden Studio) and his team have been collaborating with many of our 2017 bands to bring you another set of fantastic audio streams from this year’s festival. It’s an eclectic mix of bands, demonstrating the strength and diversity of our line up this year.

Enjoy the audio streams for Atala, Author and Punisher, Bongzilla, Carpenter Brut, Casual Nun, Cobalt, Disfear, Fórn, GNOD (Thursday, April 20th), Inter Arma, JOY, Les Discrets, Nadra, Pontiak, Serpent Venom, Temple Ov BBV, Trans Am, Ultha, Valborg, Warning and Wolvennest courtesy of VPRO 3voor12, Holland‘s major cultural network.


Marcel van de Vondervoort (Spacejam Records / Torture Garden Studio)

Robert de Lorijn (Spacejam Records)

Roadburn Festival audio engineers:

Michiel Ferweda
Matthijs Herder
Han Pannekoek
Tim Ruterink
Marcel van de Vondervoort: Alaric, Backwoods Payback, Big Business, Esben and the Witch, Gnaw Their Tongues, Harsh Toke (Roky Erickson Tribute), Pinkish Black, Schammasch, Scissorfight, Suma, Unearthly Trance, Whores. & Zhrine.